Rogue Wins Six Berlin Major, Beats FaZe In Record Grand Final

Rogue has stepped up in the Rainbow Six Siege esports space to claim a massive victory over FaZe Clan at the Six Berlin Major. This marks the first Major victory for the organisation and a huge win for a team representing the EU community. It was a record-breaking grand final that saw more rounds played in the best-of-five fixture than ever before. In the run-up to Rogue’s monumental win, a whopping 68 rounds were played between the two teams.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Rogue’s roster was relatively new going into the Six Berlin Major. Furthermore, two of the key players in the squad – Spoit and Deapek – have only been competing at this level for a few months. There’s a special mention reserved for William ‘Spoit’ Lofstedt, an 18-year-old rookie who went pro just three months ago, and now he has beaten FaZe Clan in a Major on one of the biggest stages in R6S esports.

Six Berlin Major Making History


Image Credit: Twitter (Acer Predator)

According to figures taken from, the Six Major tournaments have been on a decline in terms of viewership for a while. However, while we await the published figures regarding the viewership of the Six Berlin Major, we can argue the fact that this was one of the most entertaining Majors in the history of Rainbow Six esports. It was a fantastic event capped off by what will be known henceforth as one of the most memorable grand final fixtures ever.

From the stock of the teams competing to the support from the community at large, the Six Berlin Major was a monster of an event. As the tournament opened up, the Group Stage became a volatile place to be. It was clear from the start of the event which teams would be dominating the groups, and some organisations put on a masterful display. In this opening stage, the likes of XSET and w7m went 5 – 1, and collectively, FURIA, FaZe Clan, Rogue, and G2 all put out show-stopping performances.

We saw a tangible improvement from Wolves Esports, an EU-based organisation with mere months in the space. From finishing 9th – 12th at the Six Charlotte Major, Wolves regained ground to finish 5th – 8th at the Six Berlin Major. As the schedule moves forward, the team is expected to keep on climbing.

Enter The Grand Final

It seemed as though XSET was an easy choice for esports betting experts, as the team pushed effortlessly through squad after squad. However, in the semi-finals, an unexpectedly dominant Rogue stopped XSET in its tracks, securing a place in the grand final. With Rogue boasting a half-rookie roster, there were concerns that the team wouldn’t perform too well against FaZe Clan, a prior winner of a Six Major event.

However, the final series went down to the wire with each successive game. It was pushed as far as it could possibly go, with the teams fighting to exhaustion through sixty-eight individual rounds. It was an intense showdown that ultimately led to Rogue securing the all-important final point, picking up a 3 – 2 scoreline against FaZe Clan.

In the first Major victory for Rogue in R6S esports, the team secured a $200,000 prize, while FaZe Clan went home with $80,000.

Now, fans of the game look forward to the Six November Major, which will take place between the 14th and the 20th of November, 2022.