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August 16, 2018

Banking or Gaming? The choice may be easier than you think

Quick, which job pays better – banker or pro gamer? It’s obvious isn’t it? After all, banking jobs are known to make insane amounts of cash for those talented enough…
Sports Games
July 11, 2018

Formula One teams draft gamers to compete for £150,000 F1 Esports Series

Racing games are one of the less high-profile esports sectors. Although there are spectacular games and highly skilled drivers, it’s not as common to see high profile events in this…
Sports Games
July 4, 2018

McLaren launches Shadow Project esports programme

When it comes to esports, the most popular games are usually shooters or MOBAs. Although there are plenty of competitive racing games out there, they rarely make big waves –…
Esports Industry
February 28, 2018

FC Barcelona unveil their esports ambitions

The Spanish football club, FC Barcelona, recently shocked the esports world by announcing that they have signed a deal with Konami. This will see the La Liga titans entering their…
Rocket League
January 4, 2018

ELEAGUE Rocket League Cup Finals Rundown – Looking at the finalists

Gale Force eSports were definitely the tournament favourites entering the finals, having not only won the Rocket League Universal Open (S1) and RLCS – Europe (S4), but also the present…
Sports Games
August 25, 2017

F1 announces esports offering

In recent news, Formula 1, Gfinity and Codemasters will be joining forces to release the first ever the Formula 1 esports Series. This announcement follows earlier news regarding the launch…
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