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August 14, 2018
StarCraft Esports

Registration is open for Starcraft Remastered ASL Season 6

Starcraft Remastered has recaptured much of the former glory of the most popular real-time strategy game ever made. In South Korea, professional players compete for fame and decent prize pools,More
August 14, 2018
StarCraft Esports

The StarCraft II 2018 WCS Montreal Group Stage Qualifiers have begun

The race for 2018 WCS Montreal has begun and StarCraft II players are actively engaged in qualifiers. On August 12, the action started in all three major regions and theMore
August 7, 2018
StarCraft Esports

Serral wins the StarCraft II GSL vs The World Tournament

Serral has dominated the international arena throughout 2018, winning some of the most important Starcraft 2 tournaments. The Zerg player from Finland joined the international team traveling to Korea forMore
July 30, 2018
StarCraft Esports

StarCraft II Ace Serral crushes competition at 2018 WCS Valencia

StarCraft II fans were in for a treat last week when the third of the four 2019 WCS circuit events took place. The best non-Korean players in the world gotMore
July 23, 2018
StarCraft Esports

Starcraft 2 GSL vs the World starts on August 2

Players from South Korea have been dominating the Starcraft stage for two decades. They proved to be equally successful when playing the sequel and are more than a match forMore
July 17, 2018
StarCraft Esports

StarCraft Remastered DanJJING SL Season 3 Enters Final Stage

DanJJING Star League Season 3 is the most important StarCraft Remastered online tournament in June and July. After more than a month of intense matches, the event is ready toMore
July 10, 2018
StarCraft Esports

INnoVation wins StarCraft II HomeStory Cup XVII

Professional gamers are frequently teenagers and in the competitive MOBA arena, a 24-year-old player is considered a veteran. When it comes to StarCraft II however, this is the age toMore
July 2, 2018
StarCraft Esports

StarCraft Remastered DanJJING Star League Season 3 reaches quarterfinals

One of the most important online StarCraft Remastered tournaments hosted by Afreeca has entered the decisive stages. DanJJING Star League Season 3 started on June 5 and will conclude onMore
June 26, 2018
StarCraft Esports

Blizzard adds new Co-op mission to StarCraft II

There are no major tournaments scheduled for this month, so Blizzard found a new way to keep StarCraft II players entertained. The videogame developer has released a brand-new update andMore
June 19, 2018
StarCraft Esports

StarCraft Remastered Patch 1.22 brings new ranking system

Blizzard continues to support StarCraft Remastered and tries to keep the game popular worldwide. It goes without saying that the majority of the fans resides in South Korea where theMore
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