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November 3, 2018
StarCraft Esports

The StarCraft II Final 8 have been selected

As BlizzCon opens this weekend the StarCraft II World Championship Series is set for a blistering finish. The Opening Week matches have been taking place and narrowing the field considerably.More
October 26, 2018
StarCraft Esports

StarCraft II is gearing up for the WCS Finals!

Yes you heard right, among all of the thrilling and exciting events at this year’s BlizzCon, StarCraft II will see it’s World Championship Series draw to a close with anMore
October 10, 2018
StarCraft Esports

The StarCraft II WCS Finals are almost here!

Are you a StarCraft II fan? If you think this year is running away from you a little, take a moment to pause to ensure you don’t miss out onMore
September 11, 2018
StarCraft Esports

Serral wins thrilling Starcraft II 2018 WCS Montreal

Serral has dominated the Starcraft II stage with an iron fist throughout the season and he was the favourite to win the WCS Montreal. The fourth and final stop ofMore
September 4, 2018
StarCraft Esports

The 2018 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Code S Playoffs underway

Some of the best players in the world have joined the prestigious 2018 Global StarCraft II League Season 3 Code S tournament. With a guaranteed prize pool of roughly $160,000,More
September 3, 2018
StarCraft Esports

StarCraft Remastered KSL Season 2 begins on September 17

Blizzard has just announced the date of the StarCraft Remastered KSL Season 2. Those who watched with interest the first season should know that the second one starts on SeptemberMore
August 27, 2018
StarCraft Esports

Busy week for amateur and professional Starcraft Remastered players

Starcraft BroodWar fans are having a lot of fun since the Remastered version came along. In August and September, there are several tournaments for both amateur and professional players, withMore
August 27, 2018
StarCraft Esports

StarCraft II WCS Challenger Series Playoffs end in Europe and North America

The best StarCraft 2 players in North America and Europe played in the WCS Challenger Series Playoffs this weekend. The winners were decided on Saturday night for Europe and oneMore
August 21, 2018
StarCraft Esports

The 2018 Korea StarCraft Remastered League elimination stage starts this week

The 2018 KSL Season 1 is one of the most important offline tournaments hosted by Blizzard, to celebrate StarCraft’s 20th anniversary. Open online qualifiers brought together some of the bestMore
August 14, 2018
StarCraft Esports

Registration is open for Starcraft Remastered ASL Season 6

Starcraft Remastered has recaptured much of the former glory of the most popular real-time strategy game ever made. In South Korea, professional players compete for fame and decent prize pools,More
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