Five tiebreakers to conclude Dota DPC Tour 3 this weekend

It’s the journey’s end for many teams as they finish off the remaining matches of DPC (2021-22) Tour 3.

The Western Europe scene was the first to conclude their tiebreakers, with Team Secret getting the short end of the stick. They did not make it for Arlington Major. Secret went neck-to-neck against Entity but ultimately lost to Daniel “Stormstormer” Schoetzau’s elusive Puck plays. Additionally, Team Liquid also got the better of OG in the 2nd-3rd place tiebreaker, but all is well since both still qualified for the major.

As such, the WEU representatives for the major include Tundra Esports, Liquid, OG, and Entity.

Team Spirit Dota 2

Upcoming tiebreakers in DPC Tour 3

As WEU candidates begin packing for Arlington 2022, other regions are still in the midst of settling their scores. For instance, the Eastern European counterpart has a potential three-way tiebreaker for 1st-3rd place involving Team Spirit, Natus Vincere, and Outsiders (formerly

Team Spirit vs NaVi vs Outsiders

Navi has to defeat One Move while Outsiders must beat Mind Games as their final matches if they want a shot at the three-way tiebreaker vs Team Spirit. Interestingly, even if the results don’t favor one of these teams, a tiebreaker will occur. All three teams will still be going to the major regardless of the tiebreaker outcome.

BOOM Esports vs Talon Esports

Looking at Southeast Asia’s scene, Talon Esports is a rising star among the other powerhouses. However, considering how stacked Talon’s line-up is, featuring the Thai prodigy, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon, two ex-BOOM players, and an International 2017 first runner-up. There’s no wonder how easily Talon rose into the ranks of qualified teams flying to Arlington.

In fact,  BOOM has much to worry about Talon since their last encounter was a devastating defeat against the latter. Regardless of the outcome for 1st place, BOOM, Talon and Fnatic are the three SEA representatives to Arlington Major.

Evil Geniuses vs Nouns vs Quincy Crew

Something big is brewing in DPC North America, which was beyond our expectations as TeamSoloMid did not qualify for the major. TSM won first runner-up at the recent Stockholm Major, so the strong performance by TSM is short-lived.

Instead, NA fans look towards the tiebreaker between EG, Nouns (formerly 4 Zoomers), and Quincy Crew. EG and Quincy Crew are staples in the top three candidates of NA’s strongest, but Nouns’ appearance between the big three is a shocking revelation for fans. Turns out that Nouns DAO sponsorship was of great support to boost their morale heading into the last DPC tour.

Although EG may seem like the most prominent powerhouse in NA, Nouns is on equal footing with EG in terms of odds. Notably, Nouns had dealt with EG beforehand, raking a phenomenal win against this strong rival. Depending on the outcome, the winner will go on to face Quincy Crew.

It’s relatively even between the three competitors at DPC NA Tour 3, so it’s a shame that only two will qualify for Arlington.

Beastcoast vs Thunder Awaken vs Infamous

South America was well represented last major when beastcoast and Thunder Awaken secured a respectable fifth and sixth place. As such, we are looking at yet another tiebreaker involving these formidable candidates.

However, this time, Infamous intends on snatching second place themselves, assuming they defeat Hokori today to even their scores. Depending on the outcome of beastcoast vs Thunder Awaken, the loser will face Infamous for the 2nd-3rd place tiebreaker.

A four-way in DPC China Tour 3

It’s anyone’s game at the DPC China Tour 3 as every team besides RNG, is still competing for 2nd-4th places. These teams could potentially include PSG.LGD, Aster.Aries, Team Aster, and Xtreme Gaming. As PSG.LGD plays the last match vs Aster, the former will have to win for the tiebreaker to occur. Else, Aster’s victory will solidify their footing at second place and on par with RNG for the 1st-2nd place tiebreaker.

The tiebreaker aside, the shift in power struggle among China’s strongest teams is a testament to how competitive Chinese rivals are. LGD, which has long been proclaimed undefeatable since DPC Tour 1, is struggling to stay in Division 1.

Power struggles, downfalls, and new debuts are the tricks of the trade here at DPC Tour 3 and it’s beloved by Dota 2 fans. As Arlington Major, ESL One Malaysia 2022 and ultimately, the International 11 (TI11) creeps closer to its launch date, this is every team’s last resort to secure a spot among the top twelve in DPC Rankings.

The top twelve secures a direct invite to TI11, which fans anticipate to surpass last championship’s prize pool record of $40M.