Top 5 NFT Games – Unique titles offering a universe of content

Cryptocurrency has become one of the biggest markets, with NFTs representing the cutting edge of the technology. NFTs are also an area that has a lot of crossover with gaming. There are gaming-themed NFTs, but the technology itself has great applications for use within video games themselves. These games go beyond what can be done in the best crypto mobile games. The top NFT games use the technology within the mechanics of their gameplay, giving an entirely unique experience. NFTs offer new gameplay mechanics, but also a way to monetize in-game items for players and developers.

The best NFT games use the technology behind NFTs to make a better gameplay experience than you’ll find in a normal game. These are titles that use NFTs to enhance how you play. We’re going beyond just selling gaming-themed NFTs here. There are titles in all sorts of different genres that incorporate NFTs into gameplay.

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are an exciting new area for cryptocurrency. They offer a lot of potentials, especially for games. Here are the top NFT games around, at the moment.

Top 5 NFT games

Top 5 NFT Games

The top NFT games all do something unique with the technology, but they also have something in common. Every game is based on collecting some assets within the game’s ecosystem. The type and scale of collectible content vary by game and type, and it’s mostly down to the players to decide which world fits them the best. Here are some of the best crypto games that all do something unique with NFTs.

1. Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is probably the most popular NFT game around at the moment. Like some other games listed here, this is a title that uses NFTs to enhance its gameplay. It is similar to games like Pokémon, you have to collect fantasy monsters that you can breed or trade. The game’s monsters exist as NFTs. You can sell them within the game’s marketplace alongside training them up or breeding them.

Axie Infinity is an impressive use of NFT technology, and it has amassed a decent following. It uses AXS and SLP, two Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies and by July 2021, the value of the NFT collection in trades is estimated at around $50 million. The game is quite similar to Pokémon in some respects and it shows how NFTs can be applied in those types of games.

Although only available on Android, Axie Infinity is one of the most unique games to use NFTs.

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2. Sorare

Sorare is another one of the top 5 NFT games currently running. It is a title that is based around fantasy football. As with any fantasy football, you put together a team based on your favorite players and get rewarded based on how they perform in real-life games. The difference here is that your team is represented by NFTs rather than just picking them out. This gives this one of the best NFT games a bit of a different feel.

This is another one of the top NFT games that raises interesting ideas for future applications. Fantasy esports or other fantasy sports could easily become more valuable by incorporating NFTs into the player selection system.

Like with Axie Infinity, this game has an element of collection at work too. You need to collect and seek out the cards for players you want. Sorare has recreated the experience of collecting football cards, which makes it a unique game.

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3. Evolution Land

Evolution Land stands out on this list of the top NFT games as it has a bit of a different approach. This game is more of a city builder, where you can buy land, build buildings, and generally expand your space. Each of the continents on the game exists on a different blockchain. You’ll also need to use units called apostles which need to be collected to find unique units with expanded attributes. Evolution Land still has some elements of collection, but the game stands out amidst the amount of Pokémon styled games that use NFTs.

Best NFT Games

4. Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a fun entry to NFT games as it comes from some developers with a history of making popular games. This title does come from some former directors of the Magic the Gathering series.  There are many different cards you can collect that are NFTs, in a similar way to MtG. This one of the top 5 NFT games definitely stands out because of its background and growth potential.

Based on how it’s made, Gods Unchained has deep potential as an esport as well. Paired with NFT card appeal and a sprawling scene, we might be looking at the next esport to invest in.

Top NFT Games

5. CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is a pretty fun game that is based around the Ethereum blockchain. It has you collect various cats which you can breed to get more. There are side tasks here like puzzle-solving that helps you to progress further in the game. This game is quite similar to a few others on here with a Pokémon style approach to the NFTs in-game. Likely seen as the godfather of most NFT based titles, due to its massive appeal, and first introduction to the concept of unique digital asset trading and blockchain systems to the general public.

The game has seen a steady decline in popularity and player appeal due to this increased attention. As the media frenzy flocked to cover CryptoKitties and the innovative systems it implements, the appeal and overproduction of kittens threw the market out of whack and made the game unappealing to many.

It’s still, however, one of the cutest and coolest blockchain-based games on the market.


Best NFT Games – Honorable Mentions

Those are some of the top NFT games at the time of writing. However, the market has and still is growing a lot. That means there are loads more than five that deserve highlighting. These are some of the other most notable games in the NFT space right now, and why they stand out:


Illuvium is worth a mention here because of its huge scale. However, it is important to note that this is still an upcoming game. There might be changes before the final release. This is going to be an open-world RPG game set in a fantasy realm. It will be a large RPG game with everything you expect from that genre like classes and combat.

The title is going to use NFT Illuvials which fit into different classes. Each has a strength and a weakness that allows you to specialize your gameplay. You will increase the strength of your NFT by completing quests and winning battles in the game. It’s still at the early stages, but it does look impressive at the moment.


Splinterlands is another one of the top NFT games that deal with collectible monsters in NFTs. However, some things helped it stand out. The game is built on a blockchain called the HIVE which is pretty efficient. It allows players to trade their in-game assets over the secondary marketplace, giving plenty of space for players to earn as they play too.

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Alien Worlds

This is one of the best NFT games that stands out amidst the crowd as it has a different type of feel. This is a game based on the exploration of alien worlds and space. This ties in with mining which allows players to discover and mine game asset NFTs. These can be traded. The game can be built on blockchains like Ethereum, WAX, and even Binance Smart Chain. The game offers a more sci-fi theme which contrasts with a lot of the fantasy you see in the NFT space so far.

Alien Worlds NFT

The Future of NFT Games

Those are some of the top NFT games that are already available or pretty deep into production. However, this is one area that has a lot of space to grow. Most of these games are smaller or more indie projects. In the future, it looks like more AAA developers will be getting into the NFT space. This really does open things up in a lot of ways. We’re likely to see more games use the blockchain to underpin their system of in-game items. Being able to hold and trade in-game skins is probably going to be a major part of games in the future.

Developers like Square Enix are already pushing towards using NFTs in their future games. These could take the form of tradeable in-game items. However, there is also room for NFTs in entirely new types of games. More companies are pushing towards expanding the idea of a metaverse. This idea goes hand in hand with the use of NFTs behind digital items.

These kinds of trends point towards larger and larger companies getting on board with NFTs (and the Metaverse) in the future. The current top NFT games are still early. These work as a proof of concept for how the tech can be integrated. This is definitely an area to watch out for in gaming in the coming years.