TSM claims PUBG DreamHack Spring Showdown

PUBG’s competitive scene has had a bit of a weird year so far. A fair portion of all competitive Esports events have seen delays and cancellations, but PUBG got in there early. Before a public health crisis forced a reassessment of all sports, PUBG was canceling their tournaments for 2020 and restructuring their entire competitive scene. This has left a pretty sparse calendar, but the PUBG Dreamhack Spring Showdown might have been exciting enough to make up for all that.

The PUBG Continental Series is one of the biggest PUBG tournaments on the calendar and is due to begin soon as an online-only event. While it is one of the few events still scheduled for 2020, it has some big shoes to fill after the dramatic Spring Showdown. TSM came out on top of that event, in what was one of the most dramatic comebacks in PUBG.

TSM claims PUBG DreamHack Spring Showdown

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PUBG Dreamhack Spring Showdown

The PUBG Dreamhack Spring Showdown took place over the weekend. The teams playing in the event were gathered through an open, then closed, qualifier back in April. 24 teams came into the actual main event, 8 from the qualifiers, and 16 were directly invited. Only the top 16 out of these advanced to this weekend’s main events.

At the end of the first round, Team Liquid sat on 119 points, with Northern Lights quite a bit behind on second with only 91. TSM was all the way back in 11th, with only 67 points to them. The rest of the event proved to be a bit of shock though. TSM staged a huge compact. While Liquid managed to still secure second place, Northern Lights came in 6th in the final ranking.

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TSM’s Comeback

TSM performance for the first half of the event wasn’t great, it was painfully average. They failed to set themselves apart from the crowd, and the results reflected that. It was only as the playoffs continued that the team became to make their comeback.

On the final day of the event, TSM showed it has the best pubg players as they won a match that racked up 15 kills and propelled them up the leaderboard. Another round later, they again grabbed first place. The momentum from those games helped them push through the rest of the tournament and come out comfortably in first place. TSM were not looking like serious contenders during most of the event, but an impressive 15 kill victory changed the entire tournament’s results.

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What’s Next for PUBG?

The PUBG Dreamhack Spring Showdown proved to be one of the most fun and eventful PUBG events in a long time. The game hasn’t been all that active recently, so this kind of excitement came as a welcome return. The next major event is going to be the PUBG Continental Series.

The continental series is one of the few remaining big PUBG Esports events. 24 teams are due to take part in the event. It is going to be held as an online event due to ongoing problems with travel and gathering a crowd. All major teams from the PUBG Dreamhack Spring Showdown are going to be in attendance, including TSM, Team Liquid, and Northern Lights. However, this time around TSM are definitely going to be the team to watch.

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