Streaming games on Discord is becoming increasingly popular, and one of the most exciting games to stream is Beat Saber. This fast-paced, immersive rhythm game has quickly become a favourite among gamers and streamers. Whether you are a seasoned streamer or starting out, this guide will teach you how to stream Beat Saber on Discord like a pro.

how to stream beat saber on discord

What is Beat Saber?

First things first, let’s talk about what Beat Saber is. If you’re unfamiliar, it’s a virtual reality rhythm game involving slicing blocks with lightsaber-like controllers. Think of it like a futuristic version of Fruit Ninja but with sick beats and a cooler soundtrack.

Using Discord to stream is a fantastic way to show off your skills, connect with other players, and build a community around your stream. And what better game to stream than Beat Saber? It’s fast-paced, immersive, and guaranteed to make your friends think you’re some kind of VR Jedi.

What Do You Need to Start Streaming Beat Saber on Discord?

Before you can start streaming, you’ll need to ensure you have the right equipment and software. The bare minimum you’ll need is a PC, a VR headset, and a Discord account. Of course, you’ll also need to have the game, which you can purchase on Steam or Oculus store.

There are two main ways you can stream Beat Saber to Discord:

  • Using SteamVr and sharing Beat Saber via the “go-live” feature
  • Using dedicated streaming software and the virtual camera

Using SteamVr and Sharing Beat Saber via the ‘Go-Live’ Feature

The best and most straightforward way of streaming Beat Saber on Discord is using steam VR and sharing your headset screen using the “go-live’ feature on Discord.

Here are the steps to stream Beat Saber on Disord via Steam VR:

  • Launch Discord and create (or join) a server to share with your friends.
  • Install Steam VR.
  • Start Beat Saber and make sure Steam VR runs in the background.
  • Head back to Discord and select Beat Saber from the server navigation panel.
  • Choose your desired resolution and frame rate; high-resolution streaming requires a Discord Nitro subscription.
  • Click “Go Live” and stream your game to your friends and server members.

Using Dedicated Streaming Software

A few options are available for dedicated streaming software, but the most popular are OBS (Open Broadcasting Software) and Streamlabs OBS. Both are free and easy to use, but Streamlabs OBS is more user-friendly, making it the perfect choice for beginners who aren’t exactly tech-savvy.

Once you’ve chosen your software, you’ll need to configure it to work with your VR headset. This involves setting up a virtual camera and audio input and adjusting the video and audio settings to achieve the best quality possible. It’s essential to test your setup before you start streaming to avoid any embarrassing technical difficulties.

Here are the steps to set up OBS for streaming Beat Saber on Discord:

  • Download and install OBS on your PC.
  • Launch OBS and click on the “Settings” button in the window’s bottom-right corner.
  • Select the “Video” tab and set the resolution and frame rate to match your VR headset’s settings.
  • Select the “Audio” tab and set the microphone and speakers to match your computer’s settings.
  • Click on the “+” button in the “Sources” section and select “Video Capture Device.” Give the source a name and select your VR headset from the list.
  • Click on the “Start Virtual Camera” button to activate the virtual camera.
  • Test your setup by launching Beat Saber and make sure the video and audio are working correctly.
  • Once your setup is complete, you can start streaming on Discord by creating a call and sharing your virtual camera as the video source.

It’s important to note that streaming can significantly strain your computer’s resources, so ensure your hardware is up to the task. A powerful processor and graphics card are essential, as well as plenty of RAM and storage space. A good internet connection is also crucial to ensure smooth, lag-free streaming.


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Final Thoughts

Learning how to stream Beat Saber on Discord is a great way to show off your skills, connect with other players, and build a community around your stream. By following this ultimate streaming guide, you’ll be able to stream like a pro in no time and make all your friends jealous of your VR Jedi skills. Just remember, streaming is all about having fun and engaging with your audience, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. Happy slicing!

FAQs on Streaming Beat Saber on Discord

What do I need to stream Steam VR to Discord?

You will need the Discord client installed on your PC, a Discord server (either created by you or joined with a friend’s), Steam VR installed, and the game you want to share running in the background.

Do I need a Discord Nitro subscription to stream in high resolution?

Yes, a Discord Nitro subscription is required for high-resolution streaming. You can still stream in lower resolutions if you don’t have a subscription.