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Evil Geniuses, sometimes known simply as EG, are one of the oldest and most established esports organisations within the community. The team doesn’t restrict their efforts to just one esports game, like many others do, but instead play a wide range of titles in order to gain a wealth of experience and skills. The esports currently played by EG include that of Dota 2, Fighting, Gwent, Smash, and Call of Duty. Although having been founded in 1999, one of the main constants has been that of their CEOs, Peter Dager and Alex Garfield, though only Dager is left now. In regards to how the group stays motivated, that task falls to their manager, Phillip Aram.

What’s the history of EG?

EG started out in 1999 in Canada, with the first game they entered being that of Counter Strike. Since that time however, EG has changed their main base of operations to San Francisco. Alex Garfield, who was to go on to adopt a senior management position within Evil Geniuses, as already mentioned, joined the group in 2004. From then on, they went into playing Defense of the Ancients in a professional capacity, with them moving onto Dota 2 in 2011. This was when the EG team launched a new Dota 2 division, utilising members from their old team, including famed players Clinton ‘Fear’ Loomis and Jimmy ‘DeMoN’ Ho.

Evil geniuses

By the time 2013 came around, the team had started to make a foray into the League of Legends circuit, adopting the previously named Counter Logic Gaming Division as their players. Although they started out with good intentions, they unfortunately dissolved this group due to results that were considered below par by their peers. Luckily, results started to look up in 2014, when EG introduced a Halo squad into their routine, with them then going on to win 3 cups in the Halo Championship Series Season 1. Since then, they have added further games to their list, including Gwent, a popular game bore from The Witcher 3 franchise.

New Beginnings

In a unique move by EG, in 2016, the team became officially owned by the players themselves, and it was announced that Peter Dager would become sole CEO, as we outlined earlier. Due to the Dota 2 knowledge that Dager has, this move made the most sense to the team in them moving forwards.

Evil Geniuses Esports

The current roster for Evil Geniuses is composed of a strong bunch of esports experts, including Fear, SumaiL, Arteezy, UNiveRse, and Cr1. Fear had originally intended to retire from the team and act as their coach, but has since returned to being an active member. Based on the history of previous rosters, as well as the one currently in place, EG have a world ranking of 10th, and an American ranking of 2nd.

As a result of such advancements and victories, is it any wonder such a large volume of high calibre organisations support Evil Geniuses? Currently, sponsorships include that of Monster Energy, Xfinity, SteelSeries, SanDisk and much more.

Recent achievements

In 2016, the team stormed their way to first place in the China Top, as well as winning the Mars Dota 2 League 2016 Autumn later on during the year. Since then, EG have fared well, coming 3rd-4th in the PGL Bucharest event, however only time will tell if they’ll regain top placings as they’ve done previously. Given what we know, we suspect more victories will soon be added to their substantial list, hopefully similar to their 1st place triumph at The Manila Masters in early 2017.

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