LoL Patch 9.14 | Anti-shielding, anti-healing, true-sight and anti-mobility

Riot has introduced a handful additions to existing champions, promoting Anti-shielding, Anti-healing, Anti-mobility and True-sight.

Anti-shielding additions

A welcome added mechanic to finally get rid of shields on enemy champions.

Blitzcrank: Static Field (R) now has a new added “E.M.P” effect which removes shields on enemies when casted. This will enable Blitz to heavily counter shielding supports in the early laning phase, and has been implemented to additionally nerf the Locket of Iron Solari which has been too strong lately.

Renekton: In addition to 50 fury, casting W will destroy the target’s current shield. This will increase Renekton’s kill potential in the top lane, especially against champions like Tahm Kench.

Renekton - League of Legends Champion

© Riot Games

Anti-healing additions

Designs to reduce healing while effected similar to the current grievous wounds.

Katarina: Katarina’s Death Lotus (R) has received increased healing reduction, now reducing all enemy healing by 60% on all ult targets. A fair change which will allow Kat to gain quicker resets in teamfights by reducing the effectiveness of summoner heal expecially.

Kled: Pulling an enemy with Bear Trap on a Rope (Q) will reduce all healing the target receives by 60% for 5 seconds. This change has boosted Kled into being top tier, especially if Kled manages to dive into the back line and land his Q on the enemy ADC.

Kled - League of Legends Champion

© Riot Games

True-sight additions

True sight will reveal targets fully, reducing the effectiveness of kiting with stealth champions like Akali and Qiyana.

Karma: Karma’s W will additionally reveal targets for the duration of its root.

LeBlanc: Eherial Chains (E) will reveals targets if successfully rooted for its entire duration.

Morgana: Stunning targets with Morgana’s second part of Soul Shackles (R) will reveal targets for their stunned duration.

Morgana - League of Legends Champion

© Riot Games

Anti-mobility addition

Ahri – Charming targets (E) will cancel dashes in progress, making it harder for enemies to escape and make it easier for her to hit Q if charm lands. However, the bonus damage duration has been reduced from 5, to 3 seconds.

Ahri - League of Legends Champion

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