PBE 9.17 patch notes – Kayle ranged at level 6

PBE 9.17 patch has a handful of significant changes that are bound to impact the meta, especially Kayle’s major changes moving her to a ranged champion at level 6.

Kayle - LoL Champion reach level 6 with PBE 9.17 patch

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Champion changes with PBE 9.17 patch

Aatrox – Base health down to 520 from 580. A fairly significant nerf that will reduce his pressure in the early game.

Galio – Mana regeneration per 5s up from 9.335 to 9.5, ignorable change. Q cooldown reduced at all ranks from 14/13/12/11/10s to 12/11.5/11/10.5/10s. W damage significantly increased from 10-30/20-60/30-90/40-120/50-150 to 20-60/35-105/50-150/65-195/80-240.

Kalista – Base AD up to 69 from 67. Base mana also up to 250 from 231.8. Scaling mana per level increased significantly from 35 to 45. Overall, change will lift Kaisa’s poking ability and strength in the mid game.

Kayle – Passive level 6, now grants ranged form (525, slightly down from 550 range) and 6% attack speed per stack. Passive level 16 no longer grant true damage, instead giving a 50 range boost. If Q hits an enemy champion, it will reduce 50% of its mana cost. E damage increased to compensate for Kayle’s loss of true damage in the late game. R cooldown reduced at earlier levels to 120/100/80 from 160/120/80. Mana cost for Divine Judgement (R) changed from flat 100, to 100/50/0. AP scaling also lifted to 0.9 from 0.8.

Leona – Q cooldown down to 5 from 6s. While it may seem minor, it is extremely significant, especially in the late game when Leona has 40% cdr.

Neeko – Summoner now able to cancel her disguise form.

Pantheon – Q, the tap option will now crit if enemies are below 25% hp. E no longer reduces damage from monsters. Read more about Pantheon rework.

Qiyana – E damage down to 50/85/120/155/190 from 70/105/140/175/210. R cooldown moved to a flat 120s at all ranks.

Ryze – Base magic resistance increased to 34 from 30. E damage up by 10 at all levels.

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