LoL PBE 9.10 Rundown: just a few changes!

Just a few changes for this update in the 9.10 PBE, with Malphite’s ability reverted, the Conqueror nerf and the usual balancing for other champions / items.


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Champions changes with the 9.10 PBE

Master Yi – Highlander (R) cooldown reverted back from 9, to 7 seconds, with duration extension also reverted to 7 seconds. Movement speed moved to 25/35/45% multiplicative, more greatly rewarding Master Yi with more ms depending on how much he builds.

Malphite – Q AP ratio back to 0.6, from recent testing where it had been nerfed to 0.4. Cast time subsequently increased from 0.25 to 0.4 seconds. Triple armor effect on W has been returned following poor response in testing, however, the damage has been slightly tuned down. Overall, great decision by Riot which ensures AP one shot Malphite is still a thing and is not easily pushed out of lane, considering his tanky nature.

Xin Zhao – Q AD ratio has been increased significantly from 0.4 to 0.5. Will grant Xin Zhao much more damage along with the viability for a lethality build. Cooldown decreased at earlier levels, but remains the same once maxed, from 9/8/7/6/5s to 7/6.5/6/5.5/5s. Overall, vastly increases Xin Zhao’s dueling and splitting potential in the late game.


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Items changes with the 9.10 PBE

Essence Reaver – Base AD increased by 5, now to 70.

Runic Echoes – Combined gold cost down to 250, overall making the item’s full price 125g cheaper. This is an immense buff for AP junglers, as a one to two camp difference is quite large in the early game considering the power spike Runic Echoes gives.

Runes changes with the 9.10 PBE

Conqueror – Conqueror has long been a staple of bruisers, significantly increasing the dueling potential. However, its change which now grants both true damage and healing has made the rune considerably more powerful than initially intended, leading to a massive disproportional pick rate. As a result, Riot has nerfed the healing and true damage from 10% to 8%, a decent hit to the rune.