Fortnite Challenges: Seasonal, Themed and Weekly Challenges [Updated]

Fortnite challenges are important for a variety of reasons. For starters, they remain the best way to earn seasonal XP, which translates to more battle pass rewards for those who have purchased it. They’re also something for players to do instead of just playing the game the same way over and over again.

Occasionally, there are challenges for cosmetic rewards. Every season, the battle pass has a “secret skin” that has challenges to complete for the rewards. Recent seasons have seen The Prowler, The Foundation, Superman, the Cube Queen and others fill that role. This season, it’s Indiana Jones.

Fortnite Indiana Jones Challenges

There are two sets of challenges for Indiana Jones this season. The first set must be completed before the second set can be looked at.

Indiana Jones skin

Set one of Indiana Jones Fortnite challenges

Set one and its rewards:

  • Search 4 chests at Shifty Shafts: Banner Icon
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents while riding in or standing on a vehicle: Rogue Archaeology Wrap
  • Use the Grapple Glove to swing off trees 10 times: Raider’s Relics Pickaxe
  • Collect the Durrburger Relic from The Temple and The Ruins in a single match: Expedition Bag Back Bling
  • Complete all 4 Indiana Jones Quests: Indiana Jones outfit

Shifty Shafts is located between Sleepy Sound and Logjam Lotus and has more than enough chests for players to complete the first challenge. Players may need to prioritize finding a vehicle every match to complete the second challenge.

Grapple Gloves can be found in purple toolboxes around the map. Finally, for the fourth challenge, The Temple is located to the southeast of The Daily Bugle and The Ruins are found just to the east of The Daily Bugle.

Set two of Indiana Jones Fortnite challenges

Set two and its rewards:

  • Find the secret door past the main chamber in Shuffled Shrines: Indy’s Dustoff Emote
  • Stash an item of Mythic or Exotic rarity in a tent: Indy’s Escape Spray
  • Make Runaway Boulders roll for 100 meters in a single match: Doctor Jones Emoticon
  • Deal 750 damage to opponents with a pistol: First Misadventure Loading Screen
  • Finish Top 5 in a match: Emergency Raft
  • Complete all 10 Indiana Jones challenges: Indiana Jones alternate style

Players will find four symbols in the Shuffled Shrines landmark and then plug them in in the correct order for the first challenge. The symbols are different every match for every player, making this one a bit difficult.

Players can only get Mythic items after weeding a Reality Sapling they planted three times. Exotic weapons can be purchased from NPCs and then placed in a tent to satisfy the second challenge. Next, runaway boulders are found mostly in the northwest region of the map and can be broken to start their roll. Players can get pistols anywhere they can get loot. Players can buy an Exotic pistol that could be used for both this and the second challenge.  Finally, players who live until the final five players will finish all Indiana Jones challenges.

Weekly Fortnite Challenges and how to easily do them

Week 14 has eight Fortnite challenges, totaling a possible 120,000 XP.

Catch or collect a Zero Point fish

Zero Point fishes can be collected from Ice Machines or fished up. The best place to look is at Loot Lake, because there’s always an Ice Machine and plenty of fishing holes. These fish are also useful for other challenges from previous weeks.

Eliminate enemy players at named locations

There are 16 named locations on the map. Some of these, like Synapse Station or Sleepy Sound, are less populated than others. For the easiest time, visit Tilted Towers, Greasy Grove, Reality Falls and Rave Cave. Eliminate three in any named location to earn 15,000 XP.

Pick up items while sliding

The easiest way to do this is to drop items in a line and then slide past them. Players can continually press X or whatever button they use to collect items while they slide to ensure they pick up the items. They’ll need to do so three times for this challenge.

Damage enemy players from within five meters or less

This challenge will be completed in late game situations, as those are often the most close combat that players encounter. Either way, it’s best to have a good shotgun, as those will do plenty of damage up close. This challenge requires 300 damage to be done in close quarters.

Destroy structures with the Kamehameha

The Kamehameha can be picked up from Capsule Corp capsules. It can be fired three times, with a cooldown of about 15 seconds. 10 structures must be destroyed by it, which may take one or two firings. It’s best to do this in a location with lots of buildings that the Kamehameha can fire straight through in a line.

Use a launch pad at loot lake and the Rave Cave

Launch pads come in regular loot, so players will need to collect two of them for this challenge. Rave Cave and Loot Lake aren’t close to each other, so this will likely require a couple of matches to complete.

Bounce off a Crash Pad and all for 9 stories or more

The best place to do this is on top of Rave Cave. Players can throw the Crash Pad (obtainable through regular loot locations) under their feet and will launch into the air. That will be more than enough to satisfy this challenge. Alternatively, on top of the Daily Bugle will work.


Collect Epic tier weapons or higher

Blue, purple and gold weapons will satisfy this requirement. They can also be upgraded at weapons benches to complete this task for another 15,000 XP.

Fortnite Challenges History

Refuel a vehicle at different gas stations in a single match

Gas stations are placed in and around the map. Each one will have a car at it, so players can land at one, fill it up and then drive to the others, filling up at each one. There are three fairly close to each other in and around Greasy Grove.

Fortnite challenges

Gas station locations

Emote in the giant Cuddle Team Leader head for five seconds

The Cuddle Team Leader head is found at the top of Rave Cave. Inside, players need to do a continuous emote for five seconds. That means picking something that plays endlessly as opposed to a quick one-time motion. T-Pose, Blinding Lights, Groove Jam and others are good choices.

Challenge a character to a duel and defeat them

Certain NPCs can be challenged to a duel in which the player will fight them to the death. Right now, there are three on the map. Sabine (found at the house to the northeast of Logjam Lotus), Mancake (Rocky Reels) and Panther (outside Shuffled Shrines) can duel.

Use a Junk Rift in Wreck Ravine or at Rocket Wreckage

Wreck Ravine is a landmark located due west of Logjam Lotus. Rocket Wreckage is to the southwest of Rocky Reels. Throwing a junk rift at either one will satisfy this challenge.

Deal SMG damage to opponents within five seconds of sprinting

Sprinting is a newer mechanic to the game. SMGs can be found in any loot location. Players will need to deal 250 damage within five seconds of sprinting, which will need to be done more than once to get the full amount of damage.

Slide 50 meters continuously

Sliding can be done anywhere, but in order to go for 50 meters, there are a few things to consider. For starters, players could build a really tall ramp, but there are places to do it organically. On a mountain, players can sprint and slide down to the bottom. Sprinting helps increase slide speed, which increases distance.

Throw a Boogie Bomb while at an IO Outpost

Old IO outposts from last season can be found at these locations. Simply throw one Boogie Bomb at any of the four to earn 15,000 XP.

IO Outpost locations

Collect Epic tier weapons or higher

This does not have to be done in a single match. Epic is blue, so either blue, purple, gold and Mythic or Exotic weapons will suffice.

Dislodge Runaway Boulders

Runaway boulders are placed all around the map, largely present in the northwestern portion of the map. They only require a few swings of a pickaxe to dislodge and roll away. Do this to six boulders to earn 15,000 XP.

Collect Bars at Lazy Lagoon

Lazy Lagoon is an old POI that can now be found at The Daily Bloomgle, thanks to the Reality Tree’s spreading roots. There, players can open chests, vaults and even cash registers for a total of 100 gold bars to complete this challenge.

Headshot opponents with Prime Shotgun

The prime shotgun can be found anywhere loot can be found, so in chests, on the floor or out of vending machines. Simply land five headshots with this weapon for another 15,000 XP.

Damage players with the Ripsaw Launcher

The Ripsaw Launcher can also be found in chests, on the floor and other various spots. It has one guaranteed spawn at the Chop Shop, which is found to the north of Sleepy Sound. Deal 200 damage to players with it.

Hit opponents with the Two Shot shotgun

The two shot shotgun fires two shots every time, which can be helpful for damage. This week, players are tasked with landing 10 shots, which could be done in five if both of the shots land. It can be found in chests, vending machines and on the floor.

Tame Wildlife in a single match

Taming wildlife is easily done by jumping on their back. This needs to be done to three in one match for 15,000 XP. Forest areas have a better chance of spawning wolves or boars.

Land at Groovy Grove or Fungi Farm and travel to The Glow in a single match

Groovy Grove and Fungi Farm are two landmarks on the map, marked below. The Glow is where the Zero Point is inside Loot Lake, so it’s a fairly long distance. Grab a vehicle to make it a shorter trip.

Fortnite challenges

Fungi Farm and Groovy Grove

Eliminate an opponent with a melee weapon

(Replacement challenge) Currently, there are only two melee weapons in the game. Darth Vader’s lightsaber counts as a melee weapon, but the pickaxe players have is the other option. It also doesn’t involve fighting a boss to obtain. If possible, pickaxe an enemy for the last 20 health and eliminate them for another 15,000 XP.

Upgrade a Charged SMG at an Upgrade Bench.

(Replacement challenge) Charged SMG’s can be found everywhere and need to be upgraded once. Upgrade benches are found at almost every single POI. The lower the rarity, the less bars it will cost to upgrade.


  • Eliminate an opponent with a Junk Rift – For this week’s Fortnite challenges, players have to eliminate someone with one. Throwing it opens a rift that drops random items like cars and refrigerators onto whatever is below them.
  • Damage a player with a DMR at greater than 75 meters away – The DMR is excellent for long distance shooting, which is the idea of this challenge. 75 meters is pretty far, but the scope should make this one a simple completion. Players need only land one shot from this distance to satisfy the requirements.
  • Eliminate opponents with the Kamehameha – The Kamehameha is a new collaborative item for the Dragon Ball Z crossover. This, and the Nimbus Cloud, drop from Capsule Corp capsules, which drop onto the map randomly. It loads up and fires a powerful beam capable of dealing 100 damage, but only has three uses and a long cooldown. Eliminate three players with it to get 15,000 XP.

  • Emote at the Reality Tree – The Reality Tree is found in the western section of the map. Any single emote will suffice.
  • Land three times in a single match – This can be done with relative ease at the geysers near Reality Falls. Players can land there (1), hit a geyser and land again (2) and then do it one more time to complete the challenge.
  • Open supply drop – Supply drops are denoted on the map and they come later in games. Open two successfully to earn another 15,000 XP.
  • Damage opponent vehicles with Charge SMG – The Charge SMG is the newest weapon this season. Fortnite has tasked players with using it for quite a few challenges. This time, it involves dealing 500 damage to enemy-driven vehicles. This can be cars, trucks or ballers.
  • Gain Shields – (Replacement challenge) Gain 250 shield in total to complete this.
  • Collect Epic tier weapons or higher – (Replacement challenge) This can be done organically or by upgrading existing weapons. Once three purple or better weapons have been picked up, this challenge is complete.
Gain shields while emoting

This emote can be challenging to complete in a solo match, but it is possible. There are two ways to do this. The first involves a teammate. This teammate can splash Fortnite players with a Chug Splash while they emote. The second method is to throw down a Shield Keg and emote while it sprays you.

Deal damage to opponents while riding a wolf or boar

To do this, players must tame a boar or wolf by jumping on it and dealing 500 damage to players while they are still on the animal’s back.

Collect seeds from Reality Seeds Pods before they stop bouncing

When a Reality Pod is broken, the seeds will be thrown out from it and will float to the ground and bounce momentarily. To do this challenge, players need to collect the seed before it lands peacefully on the ground. This has to be done three times, but doing all three on one Reality Pod is nigh impossible.

Plant or summon a reality sapling 30 or more meters away from yourself

The easiest way to complete this Fortnite challenges task is to throw a seed from 30 or more meters away. The easiest way to do this is to build up and throw down to the ground. As long as it plants, the challenge will be complete.

Open chests at Tilted Towers in a single match

Tilted Towers is a hot drop, but players have to open three chests there this week. The caveat is that it has to be done in a single match, which is difficult. The bank landing spot has a few chests in and around it, but it may require a few attempts to find three unopened chests before dying.

Bounce on 3 separate crash pads without landing

Crash pads are unvaulted now. For this task in the Fortnite challenges, players must land on three pads without landing on the ground. The easiest way to do this is to head to the beach outside of Sanctuary. There, the crash pads are already set up to complete this task.

Hold a charge SMG at max charge for three seconds, then damage an opponent

The Charge SMG charges for about five seconds to reach full capacity, so players will need to hold it for at least eight seconds in total before unloading on someone. Since many Fortnite lobbies have bots, they are the easiest target for this one of the Fortnite challenges. It only requires one damage to be dealt, so only a single bullet needs to land.

Throw a Fish into water

Fish can be collected a couple of ways. Naturally, they can be fished up with a fishing rod or a harpoon gun. They can also drop out of ice machines. Either way, pick up one and throw it into a body of water to complete this challenge.

Destroy 5 structures with a single shot of the Ripsaw Launcher

Ripsaw Launchers can come in Fortnite chests or floor loot, but there is one guaranteed spawn. The Chop Shop has one every game. It’s located to the north of Logjam Lotus. Simply collect one, build five walls behind each other, power it up and let her rip (literally).

Deal explosive damage while looking away

To complete this, Fortnite players will have to throw grenades and then turn away and hope for the best. If damage occurs, they’ll complete the challenge as only one damage is required (grenades deal 50 each).

Find the coolest player on the island

Who is the coolest player on the island? You. Find a mirror, which can be found in most Fortnite houses, and look in it at the reflection to complete this one out of this week’s Fortnite challenges.

General Fortnite Challenges in Rotation

Destroy structures with a Baller

Ballers spawn in and around Rave Cave. Boosting through structures will deal damage to them and potentially destroy many of them. Do this to 20 structures to complete the Fortnite challenge.

Perform an aerial 360 spin while dismounting a Wolf or Boar

To do this, players must first tame a wildlife. This is done by jumping onto their back. To dismount, players must hold down the appropriate button for about a second. To get enough air to spin all the way around, players may want to build a tall ramp or do it off of a hill.

While in mid-air, dismount and spin around using the left stick on a controller or the mouse.

Stop the music at the Rave Cave

At Rave Cave, there are a ton of large, painted speakers at various places in the POI. Breaking three of these will complete the challenge. They can be broken in any way.

Crack opponents’ shields

Cracking an opponents’ shield requires the player to deal enough damage to remove all shield. There’s a “cracking” sound effect when this happens. That usually requires 100 damage. Do this to three different players.

Break open Reality Seed Pods (3)

Reality Seed Pods can be found in and around Reality Falls. Everywhere that has been turned blue on the left side of the map has some. They need to be broken, which can be done with a pickaxe. A few swings will break them and send three seeds out.

However, that is not the three to complete the challenge. Players need to find two other pods to do the same to.

Land headshots from 40 or more meters with the Hammer Assault Rifle (5)

The Hammer Assault Rifle is available from all loot locations:

  • Floor loot
  • Chests
  • Rare chests
  • Supply drops
  • Reality Saplings
  • NPC purchase
  • Vending machines

Once players have one, they need to stay away from characters while earning headshots. The further away one is from an enemy, the harder a headshot is, so this challenge may take a lot of time.

Purchase an Exotic weapon from a character

There are currently four different Exotic weapons at different locations on the map. They are each for sale from an NPC. The Dub is for sale in The Joneses. The Marksman Six Shooter is available in Rave Cave.

The Shadow Tracker can be found outside The Daily Bugle. The Boom Sniper Rifle is located at Mighty Monument.

Use a baller, zipline, and geyser in a single match

Ballers are located in and around Rave Cave. Ziplines can be found at almost every major POI and landmarks. Geysers are located in Reality Falls.

Use the grapple glove to catch a zipline while airborne

When finding the zipline to complete the previous challenge, make sure a Grapple Glove is around. This challenge requires players to swing into the zipline, which can be done by swinging over top of the zipline and falling into it.

Purple toolboxes found at outposts have a guaranteed three Grapple Gloves.

Pick a Legendary or Mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling

This challenge may require players to weed their own saplings a few times, but there are often other players’ saplings that have the appropriate level of weapon available. Simply pick one for 15,000 XP.

Deal damage to opponents with a Rare or better Assault Rifle (1000)

The challenge that requires players to deal headshots with a Hammer Assault Rifle can help this challenge if it’s a Rare or better Hammer. If not, players can use any blue or better AR and deal damage from anywhere.

Destroy structures with fire (100)

Fire can be spread by exploding gas cans or cars. Shooting the Fireworks Flare Gun will also light structures on fire. Fireflies remain the easiest way to do this, though.

Damage opponents with a Sniper Rifle (500)

Sniper Rifles can come in any loot location. Additionally, the Boom Sniper Rifle, which can be purchased for another challenge, can suffice. That gun shoots clingers, but will eventually deal enough damage all the same.

Destroy giant mushrooms with the Ripsaw Launcher (8)

To do this, players will need to obtain a Ripsaw Launcher. They are located at the Chop Shop to the north of Logjam Lotus. Next, loopers can find giant mushrooms in Greasy Grove and Reality Falls.

Deal DMR damage to opponents from above (500)

Players can find the DMR anywhere they get loot. To deal 500 damage from above, players should either build or climb up on something before firing at an enemy.

Collect floating rings near Reality Falls (5)

Players can visit the Reality Tree to find these rings as that is a central location in Reality Falls and is part of this challenge’s hint.

Deal damage to opponents within 10 meters with the Charge SMG (500)

Epic Games added the Charge Shotgun in the latest update. Players can obtain it through any loot chest or floor loot. Secondly, they need to find an enemy. Finally, players can get as close as possible before firing and deal damage. This challenge will require multiple enemies.

Deploy a Port-A-Fort and deal damage within 30 seconds (50)

Epic Games also reintroduced the Port-A-Fort, a throwable item. Players will find this in the natural loot pool. They will need to carry it until they see an enemy. Next, they need to throw down the item, resulting in a large build. Finally, they need to deal 50 damage to that enemy within 30 seconds of the Port-A-Fort being placed down.

Collect a Port-A-Fort and a Ripsaw Launcher in a single match

To begin, players should go to the Chop Shop to find a Ripsaw Launcher. Secondly, they need to open every chest they find in hopes of getting a Port-A-Fort. Finally, players have to do this in a single match otherwise it won’t count.

Visit Reality Falls, Tilted Towers and Shuffled Shrines

Epic Games did not specify that this needed to be completed in one match. However, players have the ability to do just that. First, Fortnite players will land at Reality Falls, checking off the first location. Next, they should travel east to Tilted Towers. Finally, Shuffled Shrines is just past Rocky Reels on the latest map.

Search chests or ammo boxes at named locations (10)

The current Fortnite map has 15 named locations. To complete this, players should go to the one they are most comfortable looting in. This may be somewhere quiet, like Synapse Station or Sleepy Sound. Once they’ve landed, players are to open everything they see until they’ve accumulated 1o ammo boxes or chests.

Get eliminations with an SMG or Shotgun (5)

Finally, the last Fortnite challenge of the week involves eliminating enemies with either an SMG or Shotgun. Shotguns are sometimes easier to kill with because of their high damage totals. Alternatively, SMGs fire a lot faster. Ultimately, players should choose based on their preference.

Fortnite the coolest player on the island

Fortnite No Sweat Summer Challenges and how to complete them

Land after jumping from the Battle Bus during the No Sweat Summer event

This one is self explanatory. It will be completed by simply playing a match during the event and landing on the ground without dying.

Carry the No Sweat sign and place it at a sponsorship location

There are three No Sweat Insurance signs at two locations. Three are near Coney Crossroads and the other three are outside Sanctuary. Fortunately, once players pick it up, the locations to place them are right nearby. Players shouldn’t have to walk more than 25 meters to place them down.

Complete a lap around the boat race circuit after the starting countdown

Outside the island behind Mighty Monument, there’s a light just like the one at Chonker’s Speedway. In a boat, players can drive around through the rings to complete a lap.

Make a character dance to a Boogie Bomb

Boogie bombs returned thanks to the v21.30 update, so they are in the main loot pool now. Use one on an enemy successfully to complete this challenge.

Emote at different promotional dance floor locations

There are a few new dance floors on the island now. These are marked when players hover over the challenge. Land at two of them and do any emote to satisfy the requirement.

Ring doorbells until they break

Sleepy Sound, Greasy Grove and Condo Canyon have houses in them. These houses often have doorbells on the front. Ringing them repeatedly (about four or five times) will break them. Do that to three different houses.

Catch 3 seconds of air while driving a Motorboat

Mighty Monument, which is now half broken and painted, has a slanted rock to the right side of it. On a boat, players need to drive up that rock and off into the air. The wind tunnel will push them into the air for more than three seconds.

Remove No Sweat signs from recalled products

Challenge is not live yet. No guide currently available

Place the No Sweat signs in an official bin

This is the second part of the above challenge. Take the removed No Sweat signs from the recalled products and put them in bins that will be marked on the map when players hover over the challenge. They are close by to the recalled products, too.

Pop No Sweat Summer inflatable objects

Challenge is not live yet. No guide currently available

Jump on umbrellas along the beach

Umbrellas are commonly found at beaches. They’re bouncy, so players can jump on them from one to another. Do this five times to satisfy this challenge.

Kick a beach ball and kick a giant beach ball

On the beach outside of Sanctuary and in front of Mighty Monument, there are tons of summer-themed items. Among them are beach balls. Running into them will kick them. There is a giant one that can’t be missed by anyone standing on the beach.

Fire off the Firework Flare Gun at Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers

Firework Flare Guns are found in chests and floor loot. When players have one, they need to head to Mighty Monument or Tilted Towers and shoot the gun.

Bust through doors in different neighborhoods

Busting through doors is simple. Simply sprint straight into the door and the avatar will throw their shoulder into it, thus opening it. There aren’t very many “neighborhoods” in Fortnite, though, so Sleepy Sound, Condo Canyon and Greasy Grove will suffice for this challenge.

Destroy large sea buoys with Motorboat Missiles

Near where the boat race is held (behind Mighty Monument), there are large red bouys that have red balloons on them. A boat is somewhere nearby there. The first missile fired at it will break the balloon. Fortnite players should fire two at each one to destroy it. Three are required for this particular challenge.

Damage opponents while swimming

This one is pretty straightforward. Simply drop into some body of water (Loot Lake is a good choice) and prepare to shoot at every player in the area. Deal a total of 150 damage to complete this challenge.

Visit different named locations

Thanks to the inclusion of Shuffled Shrines, there are now 16 named POIs on the Fortnite map. Fortunately, several of them are close enough to make this challenge very simple.

Fortnite Challenges