Gen.G Team

Gen.G is major esports organisation having ties with most notably the competitive scene of Fortnite, Overwatch, Players Unknown Battlegrounds and League of Legends.

Starting off slow

The team had originally been founded as KSV esports, where they purchased the LCK position and roster of World champion team, Samsung Galaxy. Unfortunately, the team failed to reclaim their former glory upon returning from their break. Results immediately fell, with the team later finishing 5th place in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, and losing 1-2 against SKT in the Summer Playoffs, cementing yet another 5th place finish.


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Rebranding to Gen.G

May of 2018 saw KSV esports rebrand into Gen.G in an effort to expand the brand globally. While rebrands in the past have usually led to unfavourable results due to the distractions present, Gen.G improved in the Summer split of the LCK. Shocking many with the sudden improvement even without any roster changes, the team went to finish 13-5 in the Summer split, a huge victory considering their 9-9 run in the Spring split. Unfortunately, Gen.G fell early once again in the Summer playoffs, this time to Afreeca Freecs, placing them 5th once again. Redeeming themselves, Gen.G bounced back, dominating the Korea Regional Finals, to take first place and earn a spot at worlds.

Run at worlds

2018 was a devastating year for the Korean teams, especially so considering Worlds was in their home turf. Gen.G was no exception, completely flopping to the international competition. While experts highlighted this was mainly due to the meta differences between the regions, it remains a fact Korea had under prepared against their counterparts of EU, NA and CN. The team ended last in their group, finishing with a horrifying 1-6 run.


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Prospects for 2019

Considering the roster changes, especially with the addition of Peanut, Gen.G will only go up from here. In addition, following the shame the top LCK teams received at worlds, there is no doubt 2019 will be a year where they focus on intentional competition to reclaim their glory as the world’s best region for competitive League of Legends. With Gen.G being one of those power house teams, they will rise back in 2019, not only in through LCK but the world.