Seoul Dynasty

A Dynasty Reforged

Many former APEX fans may remember Seoul Dynasty as the almighty Lunatic Hai squad that dominated the scene for multiple seasons. The legends that surround renowned players like Ryujehong, Miro and zunba are more fact than folklore.


Redefining a playstyle

 The old Lunatic Hai roster was more than just a collective group of the best players at the start of the APEX tournament. The level of intelligence, the variance in plays, the divinity in movement and spacing from their tanks that enabled the rest of their roster truly paved an entirely new way for the game of Overwatch to be played.

The one true kryptonite for any pro gamer is the never-ending adjustments that need to be made in between metas where the game is always subject to change. Although Seoul Dynasty have done an adept job at staying afloat, it’s obvious that the missing step between them and teams like NYXL has always been the ability to adapt.

Even back when London Spitfire were just GC Busan, the flashy plays and fast reactions of players like Profit and Gesture made it difficult for the maneuvers of a seasoned Lunatic Hai team to truly take over. As Seoul Dynasty has progressed through the Overwatch League, the tweaks to their roster have improved their starters to have full control of their fate, and the results for Stage Three will be more important than ever as other Western teams are vying to cut the gap.

Only moving forward

For Seoul, the initiative to have Munchkin as the sole Tracer player in a meta that is so heavily reliant on elite Tracer play was another important tactical move that may pay off sooner than expected for them. The moving of Bunny to an already toxic and imploding LA Valiant was hardly a loss considering the main chemistry already established within the team. Seoul Dynasty have continued to look more concise with each stage as their team communication and intuition improves, but the struggles really come in against the cream of the crop.

For the Dynasty in Season One of the Overwatch League, getting a win over London or New York has been a bad omen looming over them both as the Stages have wore on. Dynasty has little to no issues winning against any of the other teams, but the blockade that faces them every time NYXL or Spitfire face them has been a tough puzzle to fix. Stability and confidence in the starting six is a step in the right direction as Dynasty look to once again make a rally to a stage play-off position one Stage Three commences.


One of the newer developments coming out of the league from MonteCristo and a few other OWL insiders made mention of a new roster signing for the Dynasty. With Dallas Fuel in complete shambles over the team drama that has engulfed the entire organization as of late, it only makes sense that their star players would be looking for a way out. EFFECT has made it clear that his time at Dallas has been less than well spent and is in desperate need for a change. Seoul Dynasty is the exact kind of team that could be in the market for a potent DPS threat that can rival the high mechanical plays of Fleta on the more standard heroes. If all goes according to plan for Seoul this offseason, their team will be even more in-sync. EFFECT will come in and give them that extra lift, and Ryujehong can once again power charge his team into a positive play-off atmosphere as the former APEX Champions look to make their mark on the OWL once and for all.