Valorant is one of the hottest esports titles in the world, which is remarkable considering it only launched in 2020. It has had a rapid rise to stardom, and as a leading competitive title, it boasts one of the most diverse esports betting ecosystems around. As there’s so much to know about Valorant betting, many first-time punters will turn to tipster websites or platforms like Reddit. We’re here today to take a look at that fact and determine just how good Valorant betting on Reddit is.

It’s important to stress that, as esports is a digital-first industry, the leading place to discuss anything esports-related is, of course, online. Therefore, platforms like Reddit pay off in dividends when it comes to esports betting tips. They’re hives of debate, but they’re also fuelled by the most hardcore fans, the most knowledgeable experts, and the most opinionated critics. If you’re new to Valorant betting, then making use of a few tips found on Reddit might not be such a bad idea.

When it comes to Valorant betting, Reddit might just be a fantastic resource.

Valorant betting Reddit

How to Use Valorant Betting Reddit Tips

For those new to betting on Valorant, every piece of advice is typically going to be helpful. It could be a key tip regarding an upcoming fixture, a tidbit of information on a new player signing, or inside information on how hard an organisation has been training. It all means something to someone, and as an esports bettor, no piece of information can be considered a complete waste of time.

On Reddit, the discussions tend to lean more towards leaks, roster moves, and predictions, and that’s really where the bulk of your Valorant betting tips will come from. It isn’t all that likely that Reddit users will be discussing the latest Valorant odds, but they will be talking about generalised information that can lead to you picking the best Valorant odds on a top-tier betting site.

It’s worthwhile bookmarking the best Valorant subreddits for later use, as you can flick through them as and when needed. If you’re about to start betting on Valorant, you can log in, check Reddit, and see if there’s any prudent information – or alternatively, ask for information or tips yourself.

Here are the best Valorant betting Reddit pages that you’ll need to bookmark:

How to Become a Member of the Valorant Reddit Community

Once you’ve signed up for a Reddit account, all you’ll need to do is navigate to the subreddit in question and then click ‘Join’. Then, it’s a case of just interacting with posts and comment threads as and when you see fit. If you’re going to create a post, be sure to follow the rules, as some subreddits can be very strict, and if you tout their rules, you can be banned before you know it. If you’re banned too quickly, you may lose your entire Reddit account.

It’s key to build up ‘Karma’ on Reddit, so make sure you post helpful comments on other people’s posts to grow as a user. There will be plenty of discussions ongoing that you can take part in – at the time of writing this guide, there were almost 1.7 million users split between the two subreddits mentioned above.

valorant betting reddit guide guide

Valorant Competitive is one of the best subreddits for betting tips.

Can You Make Money With Valorant Betting?

For a while now, punters have been using Valorant tournaments to make money. It’s a relatively simple process that involves tracking down the best esports betting sites, placing a few wagers, and (hopefully) making a little profit. There’s a key part of that process, and it’s the act of collecting information that makes your wagers all that much more accurate. There are tipster platforms, and guides written by, and of course, advice is given by the Reddit community.

It doesn’t matter how you get your information, all that matters is that you do get some information under your belt before you start betting on Valorant. It’s a relatively complex world for those totally new to esports betting, but it could be rewarding if you go equipped with some top-tier tips.

When you’re looking for the best site for Valorant betting, consider the likes of:

These are three of the best esports betting sites out there, and they exist to be reputable, lucrative, and reliable. If you take the time to learn about the Valorant betting markets that you’re playing and you go hand-in-hand with a betting strategy, there’s no reason why you couldn’t make money betting on Valorant.

And of course, remember that when it comes to Valorant betting, Reddit is a fantastic (and free) resource.