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Here at we value your opinions as readers, which is why we’re giving you the chance to review the top esports games out there. We are looking for you, the readers, to provide us with honest and impartial reviews of all your favourite esports games.

It can be hard to gauge a game properly when all you have read is reviews by journalists or other professional esports writers. Experienced gamers like you understand what makes a game truly special. You understand what other gamers are looking for when playing, and how to communicate in a way that regular people understand – without all the waffle. Help us identify specific issues from an expert’s perspective, and help other gamers to gain in the process.

We guess you’ll also have a knack to pick up on interesting new features of games quickly, and also find ways to use them in game play. It is this kind of insight that we are hoping to make use of, with reviews written by gamers, for gamers. Whether you are a novice to the title being reviewed, or have followed it religiously since its inception, we want you to share your knowledge and insight with the esports community here at

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Streams of games on Twitch and Youtube are frequently amongst the most watched streams of any esports discipline. Fans can also buy merchandise such as toys and clothes, based on features from the game, such as characters. The imagery of the game shows a number of influences, ranging from classic ‘swords and sorcery’ fantasy, to steam punk and horror.

A Wide Range Of Games Covered

The most popular esports games now attract many millions of players, and the top professionals can draw online crowds for streams of their games which number in the hundreds of thousands.

Defense of the Ancients 2, usually referred to as Dota 2, is another game which has become a real lynchpin of the professional esports scene. This is another battle arena game, which draws its structures and characters from the Warcraft universe. One of the most played games on Steam, there is a huge community of Dota 2 players out there, waiting for fresh reviews of additions to their favourite game.

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In addition to these major titles, there are plenty more games out there that you potential reviewers can stick your teeth into. Call of Duty, World of Tanks, Hearthstone and a host of other titles are building up massive followings for their professional leagues and tournaments.


Competitive games usually consist of two, five-member teams taking each other on. Other scenarios where smaller groups or individuals skirmish, also exist. Matches usually last between 20 minutes and an hour, and have a fixed objective which teams must complete to win victory. The most common form that these objectives take is destroying the enemy’s main base, or ‘nexus’, which is commonly the culmination of a team also having destroyed a series of other defensive structures. These structures are known as turrets or towers.

League of Legends

League of Legends (also referred as LoL or League) is a MOBA game which has become hugely popular over the last few years. A battle arena game, it sets teams of champions against each other in a quest to destroy the opposition’s main base, or ‘nexus’.

Developed by Riot Games, it has proved very popular with players, both amateur and professional, and at one stage in its history was the most played OC game in Europe and North America.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, usually referred to as CS:GO, has become a staple of professional tournament play in recent years. A first-person shooter, set in a modern day battlefield environment, many of the world’s biggest esports events feature CS:GO tournaments.

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Which Hero Will You Befriend?

Inside the world of, there’s no end to the different gaming realms that you can visit, all of which hold different members of the community. We want to bring you altogether, not only to share the latest news about the games we love, but to create the perfect online gaming community. Even if you have heroes inside LoL, GS:CO, or Dota 2, we want you to be part of a world that coexists alongside these games.

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UC web browser passes across 100 million monthly popular visitors in of india [india], november 16 (ANI BusinessWireIndia): UCWeb, An […]

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