Hearthstone News


Hearthstone is back at BlizzCon

It’s been a tough battle for our Hearthstone teams who have been facing off against one another since July, trying to secure a spot at the Hearthstone Global Games Final.More

Highlights from the HCT Fall Championship

Fans of the Hearthstone game once again got a masterclass when the final of HCT Fall Championship took place on Sunday 14 October. This epic tournament featured 16 of theMore

Voting period for Hearthstone HCT Fall Champ is almost over

With the second season of the Hearthstone Championship Tour coming up in the Blizzard Arena in LA, it’s no wonder that fans are excited. 16 skilled players from around theMore

Trouble at the American Hearth(stone)

The Round of 16, a dual elimination tournament that’s part of the HGG or Hearthstone Global Games, started just a week ago, and already, things are shaking up to beMore

Hearthstone season is well underway!

It’s a good year for one of Blizzard’s most popular esports – the 2018 Hearthstone Championship Tour or HCT is almost at its final stage, and the Hearthstone Global GamesMore

Hearthstone Fall Championship Tour in Los Angeles

In case people are unaware, Blizzard are currently gearing up to host the Hearthstone Fall Championship Tour in Los Angeles. Taking place at the Blizzard Arena, fans and competitors alikeMore

Blizzard unveils the Hearthstone Global Games Cheer program

The race for the Hearthstone Global Games playoffs continues and now we know the names of the 16 countries and regions. This means that the Hearthstone Global Games Cheer programMore

Hearthstone 2018 HCT Fall Playoffs Europe Winners Unveiled

Hearthstone 2018 HCT Fall Playoffs Europe is one of the most important tournaments dedicated to Blizzard’s popular card game in September. The competition started on the first day of theMore

Lii takes the HCT Buenos Aires

Lii has defeated Monsanto in a thrilling best of five series, taking the set 3:2. Lii is fairly new to the professional Hearthstone scene, having first made his debut inMore

Hearthstone’s Boomsday project starts tomorrow!

Blizzard has announced the arrival of the newest expansion, which starts tomorrow, August 7. The Boomsday Project will provide players with a chance to check out the new cards andMore
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