How To Get Better Aim In Valorant

For new gamers, one of the biggest hurdles when approaching a shooter is watching friends easily get headshots while watching themselves struggle to even hit the target. It’s no different for Valorant, which is one of the most popular shooters. So here’s a guide that should help new players figure out how to get better aim in Valorant esports.


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1. Accept That This Process Will Take A While

Everybody starts at zero. The friend who goes on little streaks was once just like every other gamer who couldn’t find the target. It might take some players no time to get better aim and others a bit longer. It’s essential to mentally prepare yourself for disappointment in the first couple of games. Accepting this will remove the fear factor, and make the experience more relaxing and enjoyable.

2. Use Aim Trainers

Athletes spend more time training than playing in actual matches. The same applies here. To get good, it’ll take a lot of training. Use aim trainers for as long as possible and learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. Switch between difficulty settings depending on what’s best for you at a given time. There’s also nobody to compare with, which will help mentally.

3. Crosshair Placement And Preference

When playing bat and ball sports, coaches often repeat to hit the ball with the face of the bat. There’s a sweet spot in most sports. The same applies to shooters. Always position the crosshair at head height. This way, you’ll not need to move your mouse around too much. Little movements will do the trick.

You can also choose the color and design of your crosshair. Pick one that works best for you. Everybody sees light differently, so it’s important that the color and design are not just aesthetically pleasing but also help with your aim. Give them all a go for an extended period before deciding on one.


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4. Don’t Run Around A Lot

Unlike games like Call of Duty esports, Valorant doesn’t demand that you constantly play on the move. It’s actually far more helpful to find moments of stillness in this game so that the aim is precise. Some enemies can only be killed with one shot, and moving around with inaccurate shots won’t help. One good shot is better than three half-decent shots. This game relies more on strategy. Take your time, strategise how you’re going to get rid of a problem and follow the instructions mentioned earlier.

5. Sensitivity Settings

Finding sensitivity settings that suit you is important. Many beginners lose interest in shooters because they fail to tailor sensitivity settings suited to them. This is especially important for beginners. Valorant is a slower shooter than most, so picking a lower-sensitivity as the best Valorant setting isn’t the worst idea.

In general, work on the basics for hours and tailor the game to suit your needs. It’s fine to take the time. This game demands patience.