Best Valorant Settings – Perfect Valorant setup to improve your play

Valorant is becoming the most popular FPS game in esports in 2023. Plenty of players are picking up the title and trying to reach Radiant, yet only a few manage to do so. If you want a shot at becoming good at this title, you will need to setup your game with the best Valorant settings, whilst also putting hours and hours of practice.

We go through the best mouse and graphics settings for Valorant, and also show you which settings the best Valorant players are using.

Best Valorant Settings

Valorant Mouse Settings

Mouse settings refers to the overall factors impacting mouse sensitivity. Mouse settings are often unique and based on preference. Valorant measures mouse sensitivity through both your personal mouse/computer DPI and eDPI settings, along with its adjustable in-game sensitivity.

Beginners will typically want to start with higher mouse sensitivity as this mostly only requires movement of the wrist while playing Valorant. For more advanced players and those who have access to a wide mousepad, it is best to start transitioning to a lower mouse sensitivity. A lower mouse sensitivity will allow you to gain more precise ad consistent shots.

DPI: 1000
eDPI: 300
Polling Rate: 500
In-game Sensitivity: 1.5
Scoped Sensitivity: 2
Windows Sensitivity: 6

DPI: 600
eDPI: 300
Polling Rate: 1000
In-game Sensitivity: 0.5
Scoped Sensitivity: 1.2
Windows Sensitivity: 6

Best Valorant Crosshair Settings

While there are numerous cross hair settings on Valorant, only a few are important to adjust. For a newer Valorant player, enabling Movement and Firing error is recommended as they help indicate how accurate a gun is mid spray and while moving. However, these settings can also be somewhat distracting mid gunfight. For players who already have the feel of how accurate their gun is at various points, Movement and Firing error should be disabled.

  • Typical crosshair: 1/2/1/2
  • Dot crosshair: Center Dot ON. Show Inner Lines OFF. Show Outer Lines OFF.

Best Valorant Crosshair

Valorant Key bindings

Most players will use the default key bindings, however, this is entirely up to preference. Binding abilities to side mouse buttons will allow you to get better movement while using abilities, but may feel awkward to use at first.

We are not going to share any key bindings, as most will go down to personal preference and what feels best for you. It all depends on your usage of wrist vs arm aim and how your keyboard is positioned.

Best Valorant Video Settings

Ideally, playing on a 144Hz monitor is the best. A higher Hz means a faster refresh rate, leading to a much smoother gameplay experience. It is extremely important that if you have a 144Hz monitor, that the Valorant’s in-game Resolution settings reflect this. All options in graphics quality should be turned to low. This will greatly improve your monitor’s refresh rate and prevent any large frame drops during ability usage.

Pro tip: Turn Cast Shadows On, this video setting is extremely helpful when inside an enemy Viper Ultimate, as the enemy shadow is more visible upon first contact, allowing for a faster reaction time.

Best Valorant video settings

Best Valorant Graphics Settings

Pro/Streamer Valorant Settings


Valorant roster shuffle

As one of the best Valorant players, TenZ frequently explores new mouse sensitivities. While this is generally discouraged, TenZ’s vast experience allows him to do so.

DPI: 800
eDPI: 320
Polling Rate: 1000
In-game Sensitivity: 0.4
Scoped Sensitivity: 1
Windows Sensitivity: 6


Known for his amazing Operator skills, Wardell has a lighting quick reactions and accurate flicks thanks to his amazing arm movement and hours of practice.

DPI: 400
eDPI: 261.1
Polling Rate: 500
In-game Sensitivity: 0.653
Scoped Sensitivity: 1.15
Windows Sensitivity: 6


Nats Valorant

NAts frequently out frags his team despite not being a duelist, with his success accredited due to his confidence and precise aim.

DPI: 800
eDPI: 392
Polling Rate: 1000
In-game Sensitivity: 0.49
Scoped Sensitivity: 1
Windows Sensitivity: 6



Asuna stands at the peak despite being a rookie, one of the core players in 100 Thieves and consistently fragging out both on stream and during professional play.

DPI: 1400
eDPI: 413
Polling Rate: 1000
In-game Sensitivity: 0.295
Scoped Sensitivity: 1
Windows Sensitivity: 6

Pro Player Valorant Settings – Quicklist

  1. TenZ Settings: Mouse, Crosshair, Keybinds
  2. shroud Settings: Play Valorant like shroud
  3. ScreaM Valorant Settings 2023: Crosshair & Video Settings
  4. Xeppaa settings: Mouse, Crosshairs, Keybinds
  5. Stewie2k’s Settings: Crosshairs, Mouse, Keybinds

In the end, it is important to remember that most Valorant settings are down to your personal preference and what feels best. You don’t have to copy the pros to become and absolute god at this game.