Quincy Crew to reclaim lost glory with new roster for DPC Tour 3

We are nearing the last Tour at the Dota Pro Circuit (2021-22) and teams hoping to play at the next Major want improvements. Quincy Crew certainly are falling behind in the race to qualify for any, and were in dire need for changes.

Furthermore, this is the last Tour before the International 11 (TI11), so it’s either securing enough points for qualification or playing TI11 regional qualifiers.

Quincy Crew roster


Quincy Crew kicks three

Regardless, Quincy Crew needs to regain some foothold on how their team synergy should be. Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann, Milan “MiLAN” Kozomara and Remus “ponlo” Goh Zhi Xian all departed the roster in the past month. In their stead, two former members were recruited: Arif “MSS” Anwar and Rodrigo “LESLÃO” Santos. The founding team members played together for two years and were arguably stronger than the recent Quincy Crew. The final member is Adrian “Fata” Trinks (formerly Tundra Esports).

If we take a trip down memory lane, Quincy Crew went neck-to-neck versus Evil Geniuses and Undying (currently TeamSoloMid). Given how well Quinn “Quinn” Callahan and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan played, it wasn’t surprising that they had quite the following. This same roster secured the top twelve in the last DPC season’s team leaderboard, qualifying for TI10. Unfortunately, an early exit from TI10 led to players parting ways, except Quinn “Quinn” Callahan and Yawar “YawaR” Hassan.

A poor showing in DPC North America Tour 1 and 2

Looking back at Quincy Crew’s recent DPC run, the players have had quite the underwhelming performance, which was coupled with the lack of sponsorships to support their training bootcamps. Comparing them to TSM and even nouns (formerly 4 Zoomers), we almost felt bad that a team of such calibre hasn’t gotten any sponsorships in three years.

Sure, Quincy Crew had hiccups in DPC NA Tour 2, but considering they are second only to TeamSoloMid, speaks measure. TSM recently won second place at the ESL One Stockholm 2022 Major, falling short to OG.

North America isn’t the only region that has delivered phenomenal results, like their South American counterparts, Thunder Awaken and beastcoast also made quite the debut. Despite the poor impression of SA teams being the weakest regions, it’s always nice to see SA teams shock the viewers with their unexpectedly great performance.

That said, it’s not all sunshine and glory in the NA scene. EG flopped at the major, making it even more concerning that Quincy Crew lost to EG in such an awful state this season.

Making NA Great Again!

The recent power surge of both American regions will certainly put pressure on Quincy Crew to be in tip-top form asap. Nouns, the latest team in the NA region to receive sponsorship, could potentially give Quincy Crew a run for their money. Now that they have better accommodations to train, nouns can be very capable at fairing up against their regional rivals. Third time’s the charm for Quincy Crew as the founding members gather for the third season.

Fata has been in the scene for a decade, which is great experience to support Quincy Crew’s crippling performance issue.

International 11 at stake

Since year 2015 when EG became North America’s first International champion, EG remained the only esports powerhouse in the region for several years. With the recent rise of sponsorships for NA talents, and phenomenal results in recent Majors. It’s a great season to be on the NA bandwagon to win TI11. After all, it’s been only about Europe since Team Liquid won TI7 up till the most recent TI10, where Team Spirit won.

We are calling it now, Quincy Crew will make it into the list of NA powerhouses to debut at TI11. Alongside stronger regional rivals, such as TSM, nouns, and presumably roster-shuffled EG, this could be a year for North America.

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