TFT Cheat Sheet: Increase Your TFT Win Rate With This Guide

Let’s face it. We all need help in our lives. The same applies to TFT. No one can remember over 30 various recipes in order to build items the right way. This is why we will provide you with an excellent overview of everything you can utilize and get advantage from so do not miss out on our TFT Cheat Sheet guide.

What is TFT Cheat Sheet?

To put things in perspective, we should briefly touch on what is TFT cheat sheet. Basically, TFT items are used when creating powerful combos for your champions. Given the fact that there are a lot of recipes and combinations, it is necessary to have a solid Team Fight Tactics cheat sheet.

All in all, TFT items are more important then champions and you should always utilize them to the full potential. We can freely say that this is a TFT cheat sheet for beginners.

How Team Fight Tactics Cheat Sheet Works

The principle is simple and very effective. Keep in mind that it is really important for you to understand why and when to build Teamfight Tactics items. Some people just want recipes and combos while others will look for more in-depth sheets.

Where to Find TFT Item Guide

First and foremost, some will use the TFT item guide to navigate themselves through the game and they will only look for champions that suit their TFT items.

To each their own. As simple as that. Some will look through TFT Cheat Sheet Reddit while others will scroll through Mobalytics TFT. We have already covered Mobalytics at lenght and their ability to give you the information you never knew you needed. You can browse TFT Reddit almost forever.

Alongside Mobalytics, MobaFire is another site that will provide you with an in-depth solution to all of your TFT problems. Personally, we are siding with Mobalytics and their version of the TFT cheat sheet. The entire overlay is much easier to navigate and important things stand out which is not the case with MobaFire. Below, you can find their list that is doing wonders for so many people.

TFT Cheat Sheet - Increase Your Win Rate With This Sheet

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How to Use TFT Cheat Sheet

On the other hand, a lot of players will grab the best champions available and then build Team Fight Tactics items around them. We believe the second way works much better as it will provide you with the flexibility that you need in an auto-chess type game. When it comes to TFT mobile, it would be for the best if you had the list somewhere close to you.

How to Create Your Own Team Fight Tactics Cheat Sheet

It all starts with the basics which are common items dropped all the time. We will side with Mobalytics and split them into three parts for you.

  • Decent: B.F. Sword, Chain Vest, Sparring Gloves
  • Good: Giant’s Belt, Negatron Cloak
  • Excellent: Needlessly Large Rod, Recurve Bow, Spatula, Tear of the Goddess

Let’s break things down.

B.F. Sword will provide you with raw damage, but it simply will not cut it alone. Keep in mind that you should never prioritize B.F. sword during the carousel.

Chain Vest is a must in our books. This item gives you a lot of great options such as Frozen Heart or Phantom Dancer. Both these items are game changers if used correctly.

Giant’s Belt is a decent choice, but only for the later stages. On its own, this item will not give you that much and extra HP will not help you that much.

Needlessly Large Rod is one of the strongest solo items in the game. This item will provide you with a boost to ultimate ability and it can be upgraded to Rageblade and other strong items.

Negatron Cloak is mostly a situational item when playing against a lot of mages. It provides you with a dose of survivability and you can combine it for an even better magic resistance against mages.

Recurve Bow is one of our favorite items. Attack speed is by far the most important thing in this TFT item list. On top of that, Recurve Bow combines into the strongest items in the game. This is why you should prioritize this item in the carousel.

Sparring Gloves are simply weird. This Team Fight Tactics item will not provide you with anything special. However, it can be combined into a couple of solid end game items.

Tear of the Goddess is another solid option that will provide you with two things. More starting mana once compared to your opponents and a chance to cast more ultimates because of the mana advantage you get. Even though this item is not boosting your damage, it definitely helps you win games.

Spatula provides you with only a chance to test the limits of your imagination by creating the weirdest combos. Ever since TFT Set 3 was introduced, Spatula has been heavily abused.

Your TFT Cheet Sheet will evolve

While your beginnings might require you to use a Cheat Sheet for item build paths or best starting strategies, eventually you own sheet will morph into something a bit different. Back when TFT Set 3 rolled out, players made cheat sheets to improve their TFT Reroll Strategy and create themselves a meta build strategy they found works for them.

After you master the item build paths and get a sense how your play style looks like, your TFT cheat sheet will evolve into a note with viable strategies to win in different situations and a checklist of reminders for things not to miss.

Good luck out there!