Entering the pro scene

Kevin Yarnell, most well known as Hauntzer in the competitive League of Legends scene started his career early at just seventeen years of age. While his first recorded team was with the Gentleman’s Guild, he only spent two months with the team failing to attain any significant achievement. In late 2013, Hauntzer was picked up by Team LoLPro where he got his first taste of success in the NA CS scene. Equipped with a second place title in the 2014 NACS Summer Series 1 and really good individual performance, Hauntzer signed with Curse Academy. While the deal may not look ‘big’, this allowed Hauntzer to gain further recognition and the attention of many teams in the NA LCS, as his new home was the sister team of the major force, Team Curse, now known as Team Liquid.

Kevin Yarnell

Establishing a name for himself

After spending four months with Curse Academy, Hauntzer decided to leave the team and join a newly formed NA LCS line up, Gravity. While Gravity didn’t find too much success in the NA LCS stage, placing around the middle to lower ends of the spectrum, Hauntzer proved himself as an emerging talent.

Hauntzer was able to show a great understanding of his top lane, overall macro play and coordination with his team. Gravity may not have done well, but Hauntzer was never the primary reason for the teams’ loss, instead, he was the focus of multiple teams to shut down.

Joining Team SoloMid

As Gravity decided to disband following the sale of their NA LCS spot to Echo Fox, Hauntzer immediately transferred to Team SoloMid. Hauntzer was exactly the person Team SoloMid was looking for following the departure and retirement of Dyrus. Not only was Hauntzer a young talent that could be trained up and formed according to what TSM needed, Hauntzer had already adopted a suitable play style similar to Dyrus. Hauntzer is a safe player that doesn’t play overly aggressive in the lane which opens up the game into the later stage, allowing Bjergsen to carry the rest of the team.

Team SoloMid is regarded as a fast paced team, not minding to switch out players the moment they think someone is weighing them down. For Hauntzer to stay on Team SoloMid’s starting roster as their top laner for five splits is a testament to his amazing performance.

Kevin Yarnell tsm

Performance with TSM

Since joining Team SoloMid, Hauntzer has played alongside and against the best teams in not only North America, but in the world. To date, alongside Team SoloMid, Hauntzer has taken the win in the 2016 & 2017 Summer Split and Playoffs, directly qualifying TSM for Worlds. While TSM hasn’t gotten very far at worlds, Hauntzer remains a strong force that can compete with the best players in the world.