Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae is a jungler currently playing for Echo Fox. Rush is one of the more well-known personalities in the competitive scene due to his presence on streaming platform, His popularity is largely accredited to not only his impeccable skill and funny personality, but his decision to take a break from the competitive scene in July of 2016.


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Taking a break to stream

Soon after being benched from Cloud9’s starting roster and being moved to the C9 Challenger team, Rush decided to quit the competitive scene and stream. This turned out great for Rush, as he built on his pre-established audience on both Youtube and Twitch. However, this was not the end of Rush’s competitive journey, with the Jungler announcing his desire to re-join the LCK.

Coming back in the LCK

On late December 2018, Rush announced he would be signing with one of the top Korean teams in the LCK, KT Rolster. However, due to his long break away from pro play, Rush sat on the bench until March in order to regain his communication and mechanics necessary for competitive play.

Recent success

While with the KT Rolsters, Rush found quick success, placing 3rd in the LCK Spring split and finals. Along with his team, Rush improved once again, claiming the top spot in the LCK Summer split and finals, representing Korea as the region’s number one seed at worlds. While KT fell to Invictus Gaming in the quarter finals in worlds (who later on went to take the top spot), they only fell short by a slim margin, going 3-2. With Rush’s return to the competitive scene in 2018, he has proved he still has what it takes to be one of the best junglers in the world.

Picked up by Echo Fox

Given Rush’s success in 2018, it is no surprised he has been picked up by another region, North America’s Echo Fox. Rush is very fluent in English, allowing for clear communication between team members unlike other international players who get imported. Given Rush’s experience with Cloud 9, it is expected he will settle down easily in NA once again.