FlyQuest launched early January of 2017 with four members coming from the Cloud9 Tempest roster and ‘Moon’ as their jungler. It was originally reported that FlyQuest would be a re-branded team of Cloud9’s sister team, ‘Cloud9 Challenger’.

Starting off in the NA LCS

While FlyQuest was expected to be one of the lower end teams in the NA LCS, compared to the other well-established competitors, FQ hit the ground running, even though analysts argued that the recently transferred members from the NA CS, the weaker competitive stage in North America, would not fare well in the LCS scene.

The roster comprising of some previous Cloud9 starting veterans, Balls, Hai and LemonNation proved themselves in the 2017 Spring Split, showing their experience counts, and their skill remains.


In the first few weeks, FlyQuest gained an amazing head start, ending week four 6-2. Unfortunately, they were unable to maintain their success streak, as the other teams finally settled back into their previous form after their break.

In the end, FlyQuest finished the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split in fifth place, a decent standing for a newly established team. Making it to the Spring Playoffs, they were able to defeat Counter Logic Gaming, before ending fourth place with their 2-3 loss to Team SoloMid and later defeat to Phoenix1.

At the conclusion of the Spring Split, FlyQuest decided to recruit former Team SoloMid ADC, WildTurtle. While in theory, this should’ve brought them greater success, they failed to perform in the Summer Split. This was likely due to the lack of the synergy between WildTurtle and LemonNation who rarely ever played together (C9 and TSM are rivals). The 2017 NA LCS Summer Split resulted in FlyQuest going 6-12 in seventh place, failing to qualify for the Summer Playoffs.

More recently

Heading into the new 2018 season, FlyQuest completely revamped their roster, with only WildTurtle remaining from the previous split. The new roster looked extremely solid, with two former Longzhu Gaming members, Fly and Flame. Along with some other promising talent, many predicted FlyQuest to finally enter the upper ranks of the NA LCS.


Unexpectedly, the large individual talents on the team failed to synergize with each other, a clear sign of a lack of communication. FlyQuest once again ended another split 6-12, placing them eight in the 2018 NA LCS Spring Split.

It is unlikely the roster will change as FQ moves on to the 2018 Summer Split, as the potential for the members to perform remains. Given they are able to work more cohesively, FlyQuest truly stands a good chance in entering the upper ends of the NA LCS.

FlyQuest roster

Top – Flame
Jungle – AnDa
Mid – Fly
ADC – WildTurtle
Sup – Stunt