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Have you been searching the web, looking for information regarding the most influential esports players? Then, look no further than Follow us as we review the most successful players, those who won top prizes as well as those who left an indelible mark, good or bad! Mind you, this is not a stale list of names and figures. We strive to present our readers with fun facts by also featuring those little quirks about individual players that might come to many as a surprise!



Luka “Perkz” Perkovic, having represented G2 Esports for over three and a half years, has become one of the team’s […]


Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham currently plays for Team SoloMid, a behemoth in the North American garnering worldwide recognition. Akaadian began his […]


Flame is one of the greats in League of Legends having begun his career with Azubu Blaze in late 2012. […]


Originally from Denmark, Nicolaj “Jensen” Jensen is one of the most well-known players in the North American LCS. He is […]


One of the most veteran players, Paul “sOAZ” Boyer has once again stated his determination to not only make it […]


Chae Gwang-jin, more commonly know as his in-game name, Piglet, is a world renowned ADC, currently competing with Clutch Gaming. […]


Royal Never Give Up announced on Chinese social media site, Weibo, DanDy would be joining the team as their new […]


Kim “Hanlabong” Dong-ha is regarded as one of the, if not the best top laners in Korea having found major […]


Lee “Rush” Yoon-jae is a jungler currently playing for Echo Fox. Rush is one of the more well-known personalities in […]


Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok is this year’s new 2018 League of Legends World Champion. “TheShy” is widely known for his ability […]


Rookie (also written as RooKie and RooKiE) is undoubtedly one of the top mid laners in the world, finding a wide amount […]
Esports League of Legends Player


Jake “Xmithie” Purchero is one of the best junglers, currently signed to North America’s new top team, Team Liquid. As […]

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So you want to know more about who the rising stars of the esports world are? Then check out our player profiles that will give you the latest details on the best professional players around.
From the reigning champions of the Dota 2 universe, to the upcoming challengers in the CS:GO realm, you’re going to find all that you need to know about who these players are, and how they became the best esports players around.

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Each player profile will be accompanied by plenty of details about their background, their favourite roles to play, and their most impressive esports achievements. We will also be providing you with top facts about which teams these professional players have played for, so that you get an idea about which teams have a good track record in producing global esports stars.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list of the best esports players on the world, it’ll help you get a decent understanding about which players are the ones to watch. And don’t forget that this is a constantly updated resource, so remember to keep checking back at the player profiles page to see how these stars’ fortunes may have changed.

All the stat you’ll ever need!

We all know how esports is great at supplying you with plenty of insightful player statistics to analyse. And you’ll find no shortage of helpful stats at so that you can quickly understand whether a player is at the peak of their game, or whether their star is beginning to fade.

Obviously we’ll be including information about how each player scores in the world rankings for their chosen game, but there will be plenty more statistics to help you calculate a player’s worth too.


From their overall prize winnings, to a complete record of their finishing positions in top esports tournaments, you’ll be able to see how each esports player has performed through our comprehensive range of statistics. Regardless of whether the player is a star in the League of Legends world, or if they are just a promising newcomer in Overwatch, you’ll find that there’s something about cold, hard statistics that nobody can argue with.

So from documenting how many kills a CS:GO player has made in an esports tournament, to finding out who has the best record for StarCraft II gaming, it will all be presented here in a simple and straightforward manner.

Why keep up to date with stats?

Some people might be wondering why we have so many statistics about these top esports stars. The main reason is that we want to work out who the best players in the world are at the moment.

There’s an endless range of esports players and tournaments out there, and it can be hard to find solid information about who is performing at their peak of their abilities. So this is why we want to give you concrete facts about the most popular esports players so that you can quickly win any argument with your esports knowledge. Obviously there will be plenty of people who will also find that there’s nothing like some statistics on an esports player’s past form to make an informed betting decision too. After all, esports is just like regular sports, and so we’re determined to provide you with some reliable information to help you guess who might win an upcoming tournament. But regardless about whether you want to find out a CS:GO star’s playing record, or if you just want to know which Dota 2 player to bet on, you’ll be sure to find all you need at our player profile page.


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  5. gaminator
  6. tizio 150x150
  7. alice k editor esports
  8. starcraft writer
  9. jordan ashley author
  10. kapowsky
  11. garen
  12. Lux_6
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  14. ivans

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