Matthew “Akaadian” Higginbotham currently plays for Team SoloMid, a behemoth in the North American garnering worldwide recognition. Akaadian began his journey in 2014 as a top laner, only switching to the jungle role in 2016 with team Top Dog Gaming.


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Entering the eyes of the major teams

Akaadian may have begun his career in early 2014, however, he only garnered attention in his time with Dream Team. While the Dream Team failed to attain any spectacular results, Akaadian had been highlighted as a key force in the team. This led him to later being picked up by Team Liquid Academy, his first experience with one of the major organisations. Unfortunately, Team Liquid Academy failed to perform, leading Akaadian to return to Dream Team only after a single split.

Joining the NA LCS

January 2017, Akaadian finally entered the big league, joining the ranks of Echo Fox and for the first time, competing in the NA LCS. Echo Fox may have had a rough year, placing 8th in both the Spring and Summer splits, however, this was crucial to Akaadian’s development.


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Later signing with Optic Gaming at the end of 2017, Akaadian competed in both the NA LCS and NA CS, constantly switched between the academy and main team.

Joining Team SoloMid

Once again failing to find success with yet another team (Optic), Akaadian signed with Team SoloMid’s academy team, where he planned to develop in for 2019. However, through a stroke of luck, he was given the opportunity to enter the main team following Grig’s wrist injury which side lined TSM’s starting jungler. While Akaadian had been launched head first and pushed with some of North America’s top players, he performed well, paving the way for the rest of his team. His competence in the Spring split of the 2019 NA LCS makes it unlikely for Grig to completely replace Akaadian.