LoL Positional Ranking System has been axed

As most League of Legends players would already know, at the start of 2019, Riot released a post and a video regarding a major change coming to the rank system, positional ranking. This meant involved a different MMR and rank for each role you were assigned, intending for a fairer matchmaking system even when autofill was factored in.

Initially, Riot rolled out positional ranking in the North American and Korean servers, outlining the two were very competitive regions. However, in the past two months, it had been released; there were some major issues that popped up. While the concept was good, it was heavily abused, leading to its failure.


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Why did positional ranking fail?

One of the most common abuses of positional ranking was through the duo system, where players queue first for each other’s roles, only to switch in game. This was a huge problem, as each was able to attain higher ranks on roles they should not have, thereby removing the whole point of positional ranking.

Many streamers have been extremely vocal about the new positional rank changes and frequently demonstrating their frustration. Looking into the high elo of many NA players, a large proportion have advanced an entire division. While players do eventually climb, the change is usually slow, and the number, since positional ranking were implemented, is too high.

What happens now?

The positional ranking system has been axed, and will not roll out globally. The trial in NA and KR will also end on March the 13th. As high elo in NA and KR are currently in disarray, Riot will be semi resetting the high elo standings. All players above Master will be set to Master 0 lp, while all Diamond players will be demoted by one division. While this will wipe away a lot of ranked progress for players in the region, it’s a good overall change to address the rank mismatch caused by the positional ranking.

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