LoL Patch Notes: All the Latest Info on Recent League Patches

League of Legends releases a new patch (and consequently the LoL Patch Notes) every two weeks, ensuring the game is kept in an ever-changing state. Constant changes are necessary given the wide champion pool and occasional addition / reworks of champions. Keeping up with such changes are especially important for those trying to climb the rank ladder, check out how to become a LoL pro.

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What are LoL Patch Notes?

League of Legends Patch Notes is a post that covers all in-game changes ranging from champion / item / runes balancing, bug fixing, new champions, upcoming skins, and any client related changes.

Given the importance of knowing what’s going especially in the Rift, we’ll primarily cover areas related to champion, item, and runes

Where to find them?

The official patch notes are released by Riot on their LoL pages regionally, however, are usually clogged with a ton of additional filler. To improve your reading experience, we have kept the important stuff and given a perspective on the change.

When are LoL Patch Notes released?

LoL Patch notes are primarily released fortnightly. In exceptional cases, there may be an urgent patch if something completely breaks the balance of the game, or if Riot had wished to release something earlier, but were slightly delayed on patch day. In such cases, faster than normal patches would return the same fortnight’s patch number but have the letter “b” added to it.

Why is it important to read them?

Keeping up with League of Legends patch notes fortnightly patches are essential. Even small champion buffs / nerfs potentially impacts the meta and gives rise to certain compositions and strategies. The more familiar you are with your champion, the higher your reliance on micro to outplay opponents, knowing both your damage, burst potential, and kill potential against various matchups. Even slight changes may impact the accuracy of such judgment, leading to you miscalculating damage, throwing your lane, your lead, and later the game.

Will they improve your winning chance when betting?

This really depends on when Riot updates the competitive scene and sets a new patch, in very odd cases, mid-event. Usually, Riot will keep a single patch for as long as possible in a professional setting to ensure consistency and given the number of practice professionals put in to optimize the play. This means, in a betting sense, keeping up with patch notes all the time will not necessarily improve your winning chances.

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However, there are cases where looking at patch notes and knowing when the competitive scene changes patches will improve your winning chances.

  1. Some teams are better adapting to patch changes compared to others. In a major patch change, betting against teams that are poor in adapting and already have poor synergy is a great strategy to improve your winnings.
  2. When a patch change involves buffs / nerfs to certain champions, look at specific champion pools of the players. For example, if a patch buffs LeBlanc (of which Faker has an 80% win rate on), you can certainly expect increased odds of T1 taking the match. Knowing such changes will undoubtedly improve your winning chance when betting.

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