iiTzTimmy’s Apex Settings: All You Need to Know

Apex legends is a fast-paced hero FPS with a beautiful map design and strong game mechanics. It also has one of the most competitive gaming communities in the gaming industry. This is due to its movement mechanics, which require a lot of practice. But also requires some good settings following popular streamers like iiTzTimmy’s Apex settings can help you create the preferred settings that make you unique among your opponents.

As an apex gamer, you must strive for the best, and having the best aim or movement is sometimes not enough. Some pro players already have these skills heightened but always end up falling behind. Your Apex settings can make or break your ascent to stardom because of how technical Apex legends is.

iiTzTimmy is a popular streamer that formerly played professional apex legends for Golden Guardians. He has switched to streaming games where he has broken records by using different characters to rank up in Apex legends. He is also known for being very fast despite using various Legends not designed for fast movement. This article will discuss all of iiTzTimmy’s Apex settings and how you can replicate them in your gameplay.

iitztimmy apex settings

Who is iiTzTimmy?

Timothy An is a well-known and respected streamer on Twitch. He has amassed thousands of followers on Twitch by playing various games like CSGO, Valorant, Playersunkown’s battlegrounds, and more. He is known for having strong game sense and technical skills in any game he plays.

He is also known for his Apex challenges, where he uses a single character to reach the highest rank in Apex or other outrageous damage challenges. His most famous one is getting from the lowest rank in Apex to the highest in one stream, for which 150,000 viewers watched as he accomplished that difficult feat.

iiTzTimmy’s Apex settings

Being one of the top streamers of Apex legends, you have to learn a few tricks to stand out among your competitors and Impress your viewers simultaneously.

By following iiTzTimmy’s Apex Settings 2022, you will become one of the best Apex Legends players among your friends. Following an Apex Legends pro’s settings will also help you to cultivate some habits and tweak your gameplay. This is because it will allow you to experiment with different approaches when setting up your game.

iiTzTimmy has been playing Apex Legends for a very long time, so his experience with the game should be able to solve any problems you have when playing the game. You can even adapt some of them because an Apex Legends pro’s settings are always about how unique your gameplay is and can stand out.

iiTzTimmy has special settings for mouse, monitor, video, crosshair, and many more. We will cover everything extensively, giving you tips along the way to help you set it up properly and also rank up faster in the game.

iitztimmy apex settings 2022

iiTzTimmy’s Apex Mouse Settings

Having strong mouse settings can help increase your reaction time and make quick decisions. iiTzTimmy is well-known for his speed and quick movement, and some of it may be attributed to his mouse choice and sound settings. All you have to do is input the figures in your settings, and then you can try them out. If you are satisfied or not, you can try to change it up a little bit.

Mouse DPI 1800
Mouse Sensitivity 1.1
Mouse eDPI 1980
Per optic ADS sensitivity off
Polling Rate (Hz) 1000
ADS sensitivity multiplier 1.05

He uses a sleek Logitech G pro X Superlight for fast movement and ergonomic feel on his wrists. A mouse perfect for playing fast-paced games.

iiTzTimmy’s Apex Settings for Controller

iiTzTimmy rarely uses a controller, so he does not have unique Controller settings. He joins the PC gang as you would not also see a controller in Shroud’s Apex Settings and Genburten’s Apex Settings either. Most popular Apex streamers rarely use an Xbox or Playstation controller.iitztimmy apex settings controller

iiTzTimmy’s Apex Graphics settings

Having the best video settings allow you to see more of your opponents and the battlefield. By doing so, you will be able to recognize the threat before they eliminate you. Vision is essential in Apex Legends because of the number of people trying to target you. One shot from an uncleared building where you go to restock on ammo can end the game for you.

iiTzTimmy’s Apex settings for 2022 show how he has tweaked his settings so he can be able to see more on the battlefield.

Effect Detail Low
Model Detail Low
Impact marks Low
Ragdolls Low
Display Mode Fullscreen
Volumetric lighting Disabled
Sunshadow coverage Low
Sun shadow detail Low
Dynamic spot shadow Disabled
FXAA Anti-Aliasing Disabled
Spot shadow detail Disabled
Ambient occlusion quality Disabled
Texture filtering Anisotropic 16x
Texture Streaming budget Low (2-3 Vram)
Anti-Aliasing None
Brightness 130 percent
Nvidia reflex Enabled + Boosted
Vsync Disabled

Video settings

Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920×1080
Scaling Mode Native
Refresh Rate 240Hz
Brightness 130%
Display mode fullscreen
Brightness 50%
FOV 104
FOV scaling off
Sprint view shaking Minimal


iiTzTimmy is a huge streamer thanks to his hard work and exceptional skills. He has been able to top streaming charts and boost his concurrent viewers every time he streams on twitch. He also plays competitively in show matches where he crushes today.

By learning his settings, you can use them to train yourself, trying to understand why iiTzTimmy chose these settings. You can also choose to experiment in your own preferred settings and be able to understand yourself.

Once you begin to use these settings to practice, you will notice yourself getting better and better, and it is through that you will begin to develop yourself and start rising in ranked matches.

In case you would like to learn some good settings for the mobile version, please check Apex Legends Mobile Pro Settings.