Genburten’s Apex settings: All you need to know

Apex Legends is a fast-paced battle that forces you to be alert every second of the game. The skill ceiling for this game makes it one of the most competitive games and the best battle royale ever played, tying with Call of Duty’s Warzone. In order to reach the highest rank in Apex Legends, the Apex predator, which requires you to have at least 15,000 RP to reach the threshold. The problem is not getting it but trying to keep at it till the end of the season. This requires not only skill but enough game sense to understand how to keep yourself in the high ranks till the end.  Most players shy away from using a controller due to the aim-assist and other problems, but Genburten still makes it out on top. We will dive deeply into Genburten’s Apex settings and see what makes him so good.

Without good settings, you cannot reach Apex Predator. You need to have your own personalized settings that accentuate your skills, and this article will show how Genburten’s Apex settings always stand out among most Apex players. Any new or recent player should be able to understand that replicating Genburten’s settings will make you stand out and rank up in Apex Legends.

Genburten is known to use a controller which has different settings from playing with a mouse.

genburten apex controller settings

Who is Genburten?

Noyan Ozkose, also known as Genburten, is a pro player who plays for DarkZero. He is a largely successful Apex pro player, and his team recently won the 2022 ALGS championships making him one of the best Apex Legends players.

He started playing console games in 2006 and has always preferred using the controller when playing any of his favorite games. He claims he has little experience in PC (mouse and keyboard) and has been playing on a controller for a long time.

Genburten also plays Valorant, a similar game to CSGO, and other games like Rocket League and Overwatch. Due to his sharp natural skill and innate talent, he excels in all of the games he plays, ranking Radiant in Valorant, Champion 3 in Rocket League, and has a skill rating of 4324 in Overwatch. He is a force to be reckoned with in any game and is currently studying in Australia, with desires to expand his pro career by moving to North America.

apex legends pro settings

Genburten’s Apex Settings

Understanding a Pro’s setting is one of the steps to getting better in Apex Legends. Every pro has a unique way of playing a particular game. You can look at certain professional gamers’ settings like iiTzTimmy’s Apex Settings or Shroud’s Apex Settings and discover that both are very different from each other. There is no one way to be the best in Apex Legends, but you can try to learn a lot of different tricks from professional players to diversify your skillset in the game.

Genburten’s Apex controller settings are also unique because he uses a controller as most professional players use a PC with a mouse and keyboard. You can even replicate these settings for mobile by visiting the Apex Legends Mobile Pro Settings you will have all the information available for it.

Using a controller in Apex Legends can give you a different view and reaction time compared to a PC, and by understanding Genburten’s settings, you can learn a few tricks.

Genburten’s Apex Video settings

Like any other player, Genburten sets his video settings so he can have a smooth playing experience. He also disabled some additional features that can slow down his framerate. Every single millisecond of lag can lead to him getting one-shotted by anyone.

Being able to see more of the map should be something every Apex legends player should have in mind. Apex Legends is all about who sees who first, and if you can trip up your enemy before they see, that could be a significant advantage in winning an engagement.

Window Mode Full Screen
Vsync Disabled
Volumetric Lighting Disabled
Texture Streaming Budget Very Low
Texture Filtering Bilinear
Sun Shadow Detail Low
Sun Shadow Coverage Low
Spot Shadow Detail Disabled
Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
Ragdolls Low
Model Detail Low
Impact Marks Disabled
FOV 110
Effects Detail Low
Dynamic Spot Shadows Disabled
Color Blind Mode Off
Anti-aliasing None
Ambient Occlusion Quality Disabled

Genburten’s In-game settings

Genburten also has special In-game settings that he adjusted so he could bring out his skills. He uses advanced look controls, which allows him to make some extra adjustments to his settings. Having settings that are comfortable with your gameplay is a top priority for professional Apex players like himself.

Genburten also made his Yaw and pitch speed maxed out because he wanted to replicate the mouse and keyboard experience. Most of his settings are set to zero because the less you change, the less you have to control. Genburten likened that to Mouse and keyboard Apex players who don’t tamper with their mouse acceleration.

Yaw Speed 500
Turning Ramp-up Delay 0
Turning Extra Yaw 0
Turning Extra Pitch 0
Response Curve 0
Pitch Speed 500
Outer Threshold 3
Deadzone 2
ADS Yaw Speed 130
ADS Turning Ramp-up Time 0
ADS Turning Ramp-up Delay 0
ADS Turning Extra Yaw 0
ADS Turning Extra Pitch 0
ADS Pitch Speed 130

Genburten uses a controller when playing Apex legends. You can, however, learn these settings to try to understand what he was going for in his gameplay. Using a mouse and using a controller might be different, but it could also help you diversify and develop your game sense.

Trigger Deadzones None
Survival Slot Button On
Stick Layout Default
Interact / Reload Button Tap to Use and Reload
Crouch Toggle
Aim Hold


Genburten’s apex settings should be studied and understood properly in order to apply them to your gameplay. Using these settings will boost your game performance and help you get better at Apex Legends.

If you care to learn more about these settings, check out our Apex Legends Pro Settings guide.