Shroud’s Apex Settings: What is Shroud’s Apex Legends Setup?

Understanding your settings is key to improving in quite a few titles. If you don’t fancy coming up with your own picks, a perfect alternative is to choose those of a seasoned veteran. Shroud’s Apex settings might be one of the best examples of these.

As a streamer, Shroud is constantly performing at a high level. Replicating his settings could help you get better at Apex Legends and rank up. Having skill is not enough to make you stand out as a player. By customizing your settings, you will be able to maximize your performance and reduce the barriers to performing your best.

Shroud is a prolific gamer, regarded as one of the most successful gamers out there, and replicating Shroud’s Apex settings will help you rise through the Apex ranks to become the next predator. Using an Apex Legends pro’s settings will also boost your game sense and allow you to make better decisions when you are playing the game. This article will discuss Shroud’s Apex Legends Settings for 2024, so you can have fresh information and use it in your gameplay.

shroud apex settings

Who is shroud?

Better known as Shroud or mEclipse, Micheal Grzesiek is a Canadian professional gamer, content creator, and streamer. He is known as one of the best Apex Legends players of all time by powering through numerous FPS games and becoming a pro in the FPS genre. He has played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO), PUBG, and other games. With his skills, he could be called a Jack of all trades.

Shroud’s Esports Career

Micheal Grzesiek, 28 years of age, was introduced to gaming by his father at an early age. His father spent a lot of time with him playing games over the years and even got him introduced to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Michael started streaming on YouTube at age 17 in 2012. He decided to make a career out of it after his skills had improved and he had gained the attention of Complexity and joined their team. He decided to focus on his streaming career right after leaving the team in 2017. Since, he has amassed over 10 Million Followers on Twitch over the years.

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Shroud’s Apex Legends Settings for 2024

Customizing the settings of a game doesn’t just make it suit your personal playstyle. It also determines your performance in the game.

Apex Legend comes with various settings that will change their in-game performance. It effects your FPS, your input lag, and how you translate your movements into the game. Going with Shroud’s Apex settings might not give you his skills, but it’ll help you translate your own into a great performance.

Shroud is an FPS legend, and his settings are some of the most peculiar ones, as his settings are very different from iiTzTimmy’s Apex settings or Genburten’s Apex settings. Although the level of experience varies, having his settings should be a huge opportunity for new Apex Legends players.

Shroud’s Apex Legends setup is also worth considering here. He’s investing in the proper hardware, it’s part of what lets a professional player perform better. Some of these settings could be overwhelming for most, which is why we have decided to provide you with help from a professional angle. Not everything fits everyone’s hardware, but Shroud’s picks are the perfect starting point. Below are Shroud’s Apex Legend Settings, which can be tweaked to suit your own playstyle. 

Shroud’s Apex Mouse Settings

The Mouse settings of every PC game are essential as they provide a better gaming experience and help enhance players’ performance. For most FPS games, every player (especially professional players) should have settings that best work for them. It’s an area that is more personal, but the right picks definitely impact how you perform. Below are Shroud’s Apex Legends settings for 2024 that he is currently using.

Polling Rate 1000
ADS Multiplier 1.0
Mouse Acceleration Off
Lighting Effects On
Mouse Sensitivity 3.0
Mouse Invert Off
DPI 450

He uses a Logitech G PRO X Superlight gaming mouse for gaming. It is light, sleek, and allows you to move your hands much faster.  It also fits perfectly in Shroud’s Apex setup with its elegant design. A few of the best Twitch streamers use this mouse.

shroud apex legends setup

Shroud’s Apex Video Settings

Compared to most professionals, Shroud is slightly different in terms of video settings. From the table below, you will be able to see that he does the exact opposite of reducing the visual quality of the game to boost the frame rates and performance. All of the video settings have been wound up to their peak levels, except the Field of view, which is seen to be at 103 out of 110. We can only assume that these are his personal preference.

Part of these picks are because Shroud is playing on the best hardware available. This means his PC can handle a high graphical quality and FPS. For your average gaming set-up, that might need considering.

Shroud’s Apex settings for 2024 are unique, but they could be replicated and customized for you to top the ranks once again.

Sprint View Shake Minimal This will keep your screen steady while running.
Ambient Occlusion Quality High
FOV Ability Scaling Unknown This disables the added FOV whenever Bloodhound or Octane uses their abilities.
Display Mode Full Screen Full screen maximizes frame rates
V-Sync Disabled
Adaptive Resolution FPS Target 0
Resolution 2560 x 1440
Texture Filtering 16x
Texture Streaming Budget 8GB VRAM
NVidia Reflex Unknown
Aspect Ratio 16:9  Default for his monitor
Field Of View (FOV) 103 Using a higher FOV setting provides better visibility.

Shroud’s Apex Keybinds settings

For those that are familiar with CS: GO, you will find that the jump button has been bound to his mouse! The rest of the keybinds are all default settings for Apex Legends. This setting is common for those who are used to performing other activities on their left hand while jumping with their mouse in CS: GO and are familiar with it. Other than that it’s a pretty good set-up for your average Apex player.




Mousewheel Down

Crouch (Toggle)


Toggle Fire Mode


Aim Down Sight

Right Click (Hold)


Mouse 4

Interact / Pickup






Equip Weapon 2


Equip Weapon 3


Equip Grenade


Crouch (Hold)


Tactical Ability


Ultimate Ability


Health Item


Shield Toggle



Scroll click



Cycle Weapon

Mouse Wheel Up

Equip Weapon 1


Shroud’s Apex Setup

In most cases, there are consequences for cranking up the in-game visual settings to the peak. It could affect your frame rates drastically. However, that isn’t the case for Shroud seeing how his PC packs some serious horsepower.

The table below shows that the PC features 64GB HyperX Predator RGB RAM and the latest AMD Ryzen 9 5959X CPU, combined with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 GPU. Now you know why he worries less about the visual output and frame rates.

Graphics Card Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090
Memory HyperX Predator RGB 64GB
CPU AMD Ryzen 9 5950X
Power Supply Unknown


With the information provided on Shroud’s Apex Legends Settings, you could give these settings a try. For those of us having issues with our in-game performance, you could try this and see what kind of experience a professional uses in-game. Although, the outcome being the same quality is dependent on whether your PC has the same capabilities as his. If not, you could easily make some minor adjustments to match your PC’s specs and your preference as well.

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