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Ever since esports came on the scene little over a decade ago, it quickly became clear that League of Legends was one of the most popular games for people to play and viewers to watch. And what’s remarkable is that LoL has also proven to be a massive hit in the betting world too. So here are three top reasons why LoL betting is such a huge success.
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Bet on the best game ever

Three reasons why LoL betting is exciting
LoL is a global gaming phenomenon

There is little doubt that LoL is perhaps the most popular esports title with over 100 million players all around the world. Because of this, it has enjoyed widespread coverage amongst mainstream TV stations and online betting sites that should give you plenty of choice in your viewing and betting options.

LoL is well regulated

Unlike other esports titles that are unregulated, Riot Games have played a big part in making sure that their League of Legends Championship Series offers players a decent career and that anybody can enjoy betting on LoL knowing that the results won’t be fixed.

LoL is about non-stop action

Whilst relatively new esports titles like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds are enjoying some popularity, games like this can make for a fairly confusing spectator experience. But the sheer chaos of a League of Legends, all contained in a compact arena match, will always ensure that LoL betting is an intense experience.

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Who can you bet on?

The best LoL players

As the average earnings of top League of Legends players in the US are over $100,000 each year, it’s clear that you’ll only be betting on those people who have reached the pinnacle of LoL gaming.

In the past few years we’ve seen many iconic LoL players emerge that have helped this game become the epitome of esports gaming. From legendary South Korean stars like Faker, to rising Danish players like Bjergsen, you’ll be betting on the players who have taken LoL to the next level. But don’t forget that League of Legends is a great team sport. And so your LoL betting will include taking a bet on renowned teams like SK Telecom T1, Team Liquid, and Team Dignitas.

Whilst it can be initially tricky to get to know which teams and players to bet on, Riot Games have made it fairly simple to follow your favourite stars throughout their League of Legends Championship Series. And with esports.net on hand to help point out the players and teams who are getting the most competitive odds from the bookies, it makes betting on LoL a whole lot simpler.

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Why is LoL betting different to traditional betting?

Things to consider

Although some of the biggest traditional sports bookmakers in the UK have started to include some great LoL betting options, it’s important to remember that there are a few important differences between League of Legends and a regular sport. The first thing that you’ll realise is that despite the huge number of LoL tournaments taking place all over the world, at the moment you can only bet on the major competitions through a regulated bookmaker. This is because the esports scene is still evolving, and bookies need to be certain that the LoL competition that you are betting on is sufficiently regulated.

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The other thing to remember is that betting on LoL can be a lot more unpredictable than taking a bet on standard sports. Whilst you can usually predict the top few football teams in each season of the UK Premier League, it seems that things move much more quickly in League of Legends competitions. This is great news as it means that you stand a much better chance of getting decent odds on a promising outsider who can shock the bookmakers by winning a LoL competition and give you a very handy payout.

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Tournaments happening all the time

Everybody’s playing LoL

The growth of League of Legends gaming has happened at a phenomenal rate, and there’s a good chance that there will be a major LoL tournament happening in the world at any given moment.

Thanks to pioneering streaming channels like Twitch.tv, it’s incredibly easy to join in the action so that we can make an informed betting decision no matter where in the world the LoL tournament is taking place. This is great news for anybody who wants to enjoy betting on LoL as it means that you can take a bet on a clash in the North American LCS or the LCK competition in Korea from the comfort of your own home. Rather than having to wait four years for every football World Cup to come along, it seems that there’s always a LoL competition that gathers the world’s best LoL players and teams to compete.

From respected events like the KeSPA Cup, to the Intel Extreme Masters, there’s an endlessly growing number of top tournaments for you to try some LoL betting on. And whether you are betting on the Superliga ABCDE, or the winning team of the League of Legends World Championship Series, then you can always relies on esports.net to help you find the best possible odds.

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Use your LoL knowledge

Key tactics for betting success

Some people may be put off LoL betting as it can require a certain amount of game knowledge to make a successful wager. But by getting better acquainted with the best teams and players, we can all slowly start to recognise trademark moves that should give us a good idea of when to take an LoL bet. By learning how teams can slay dragons and barons with certain actions, you’ll quickly get a good understanding of how the gameplay proceeds. And by watching how teams attempt to destroy towers and inhibitors, we can all realise how this is a game that offers so many more features than just trying guess who will win outright.

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Getting a good understanding of how the different game modes can affect the players and teams is also very important. Whether it’s the popular Summoner’s Rift game mode, or lesser known ones like Twisted Treeline or Howling Abyss, it can all play a big part in how each team try and destroy the opposing side’s nexus. And obviously getting to know the different LoL Champions is going to be critical in your betting success. So be sure to know the difference between a marksman, a mage, and an assassin.

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Markets that bookmakers offer

Interesting LoL betting options

As LoL is a relatively new feature for traditional bookmakers, it’s been fascinating to see what betting markets they offer for anybody wishing to bet on League of Legends.

The majority of bookies who facilitate LoL betting will provide you with basic bets that mirror a standard football match. So if you were betting on the next All Star LoL tournament, you would find betting odds for the outright winner, along with individual match bets on particular players and teams. However some forward-thinking bookies have introduced some great betting markets that focus on individual aspects of each League of Legends game. So if you wanted to bet on which team will be the first to get ten kills, or who will draw the first blood, then you should be able to find a bookie who will take your bets.

There are also some great over/under bets that are being introduced to LoL betting. This means that you can bet on whether the total towers destroyed in the game will be over or under the amount specified by the bookmaker. So just as there are many ways to play LoL, there are also many different betting markets for this legendary battle arena title.

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The best LoL betting teams

Only bet on the best

As League of Legends is a team sport, it’s been fascinating to see which teams have risen to legendary status in little over a decade. In particular it’s the formidable skills of South Korean sides like SK Telecom T1 who should feature large in your betting strategies as they have a proven track record of performing well at top level LoL tournaments. Other teams like KOO Tigers, Taipei Assassins, and the Chinese side, Royal Club, have also revealed that teams from the East have managed to dominate the esport in recent years. But recently there have been many North American and European teams who have used the League of Legends Championship Series to show that they can also perform at the highest level in LoL.

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From British teams like Fnatic, to US organisations like Team SoloMid, there have been many promising teams who can give you a reasonable degree of confidence when placing your esports bets. So that whether you are taking a wager on the popular side, G2 Sports, or are backing German superstars Unicorns of Love, then you should be able to rest easy in knowing that you are only betting on the very best.

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Three reasons you need to try esports betting today

Winning bets on your favourite esports players

Esports is one of the biggest things to hit the betting world in years, and here are three reasons why you should take a bet on esports.

There’s always something to bet on

Regardless of what time of day it is, there will always be a great esports competition happening in the world for you to place your bets on. From betting on LoL icons in a Korean esports tournament, to backing a British team in the League of Legends Championship Series, you will always find an LoL bout that can give you a great way to make some winnings.

Great way to add excitement to your viewing

There is little doubt that games like LoL and Overwatch have become esports sensations as they are so much fun to watch. And what better way to add some adrenaline to the action than by placing a bet on your favourite esports teams and players. Whilst we can all watch legendary esports teams like eUnited succeed in a grueling CS:GO competition, it gets even more fun when you realise that they are making you some pocket money.

Take advantage of generous odds

As esports are a relatively new feature on traditional bookmakers’ websites, then there is always a good chance that they might slip up on offering some esports odds that are a little too generous. So be sure to keep checking back with esports.net to see which bookies may have accidentally given you the upper hand in making your esports bets.

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Find the perfect League of Legends bookmaker

Who offers the best odds?

Whilst there are still a few old-fashioned bookies out there who have resisted accepting bets on esports, it’s clear that the majority of bookmakers have realised that this is an increasingly popular activity. As a result, you should be able to find plenty of betting websites who will help you place a bet on an upcoming League of Legends event. Obviously, it’s always best to stick with a bookmaker with a good reputation as you won’t want to be making a deposit with a website that looks a little suspicious.

bet on lol best bookmaker

If you are looking for plenty of betting markets for your LoL wagering, then Betway is a great place to start. This well-known bookie routinely cover the top LoL competitions like the LVP Superliga and the All Star competition. And seeing as they allow you to bet on who will slay the first dragon, and which team will score the most kills, it’s clear that Betway are thinking creatively about how to help you make a bet with a difference.

Whilst William Hill offer a slightly smaller selection of LoL markets, it’s evident that this bookmaker still manage to serve up some very competitive odds on LoL tournaments like the All Star Event.


On the other hand, esports dedicated bookmaker Esportsbetting.com provide some of the greates odds on match betting so that you can back players like Faker, and see how promising stars like Bjergsen have the potential to cause a big upset. And with many more respected betting websites like Pinnacle and Betfair jumping on the esports bandwagon, we can look forward to placing a bet on plenty more LoL tournaments in the future.


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