Esports Gambling Site Rivalry Expands Its Esports Markets

Rivalry is one of the major esports betting sites that are currently active, they offer a unique blend of betting and live experiences. This week they have announced that they are expanding their range of esports significantly. Visitors to the site will now be able to get involved with and bet on more than double the number of titles. The new range of titles goes beyond the core esports games. It highlights the increasing diversity in the games that people follow competitively and the drive for more active participation during esports betting.

Up until recently, Rivalry esports had only covered a core group of esports titles. This group represents some of the biggest in the industry. However, as esports has grown in popularity so has the audience for even previously niche games. Those watching, following, and getting involved in esports have been looking to a great variety of titles than ever. This move to open up betting for more titles is in response to the growing enthusiasm for games from fans.

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What Games Do Rivalry Cover?

Previously, Rivalry covered these titles:

These are some of the undisputed biggest esports titles. However, there is an increasing audience for other games. The new additions to Rivalry’s options are:

These new titles open up the range of games on offer at Rivalry. While some of these like Street Fighter are competitive icons, others don’t have quite as big of a following.

Rivalry Expands Esports Betting Range

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Rivalry’s Other Expansions has been operating since early 2018. In that time, it has gone from covering relatively few games to one of the largest Esports betting facilities. This was further extended in February when they launched Thunderdome. This was a competition that allowed fans to win a share of a cash price without participating in any betting. Fans could pick who they thought would win out of ten games. If they selected correctly, they would be included in a prize draw.

These offers and events are bringing more Esports fans into this kind of experience. Rivalry is one of many esports betting providers who recognize the importance of in-play activity. This includes both Live Betting, but also other non-passive involvement. Rather than waiting to see if they’ve won the match, many esports fans like to be doing something more active to get involved with the teams that they follow. Along with a growing interest in Cryptocurrency, it is one of the many differences with esports betting.

Increasing the number of games on offer for betting helps more fans participate in this side of Esports. Rivalry in particular highlights the experience of betting as an active participation during games, rather than something passive. This approach fits in well with the culture and ethos of esports, and it is part of the reason why so many esports fans get involved.

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